Large Size Paper Currency Collection 1/2/5/10/20 Dollars 10pc

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Ten-Piece $1-$20 Large Size Paper Currency Collection

This ten-piece set of large size or "horse-blanket" currency notes range in condition from Fine (F) to Very Fine (VF). Each set will arrive in a currency album, which holds a total of 36 notes. Prior to 1928, paper currency was printed in large "horse blanket" size. The vignettes used on vintage paper currency are stunning, and they are a big reason collectors are drawn to collecting paper currency. This comprehensive set includes 10 notes that are from various series such as Legal Tender, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, Federal Reserve Notes and Confederate Notes. Each collection will be housed in a protective paper currency book and include holes for other notes to be added.

The Notes in this set are:

    • $5 1864 Confederate Note Fine-VF
    • $1 1899 Series Silver Certificate Black Eagle VF
    • $5 1907 Legal Tender Woodchopper Note Fine
    • $5 1914 Federal Reserve Note F-VF
    • $10 1914 Federal Reserve Note Fine "Industry"
    • $20 1914 Federal Reserve Note F-VF
    • $1 1917 Legal Tender Washington VF
    • $2 1917 Legal Tender Jefferson Currency Note VF
    • $1 1923 Silver Certificate VF
    • $10 1922 Gold Certificate Fine

Highlights of this set include:

    • Black Eagle: Black Eagles are the Saint-Gaudens of the currency world. No collection is complete without one. This set includes a $1 1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate.
    • $5 Woodchopper: The "Woodchopper" note is one of the most popular notes in history. It is popular because the central image of a Woodchopper on the obverse captures the spirit of westward expansion and the true spirit of America. The Woodchopper note in this set is dated 1907.
    • Gold Certificate: The last series of large-sized $10 Gold Certificates, many of these notes were recalled and destroyed when FDR pulled the U.S. off the gold standard in 1933 making it difficult to find many today. This set includes a $10 1922 Gold Certificate.
    • $2 Legal Tender: Collectors have always been fascinated by the $2 bill. When the average U.S. citizen receives a $2 bill in change, often times they are saved. The 1917 Legal Tender series also featured a $2 denomination that also features Thomas Jefferson.

If you purchased these notes individually, you'd spend over $2,200 accumulating this set. But we've done all the leg work and included a 36-page currency album to house your entire collection in, with a savings of $200! These notes range from F (fine) to VF (very fine). Even in a lightly circulated grade, these well-centered notes feature great color and attractive eye appealing freshness. Each collection is housed in an elegant currency album that will hold the notes from this collection in addition to a total of 36 notes.

Year of Issue (Date Our Choice)
Country United States
Composition Paper
Denomination 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00
Currency Type Dollar
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