Last Of The USSR Coins and Banknote Album 9pc

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Last Coins and Currency of the USSR

This collection features the last coins and currency from the now defunct communist empire. Between 1961 and 1991 the Cold War raged, and very few of these coins ever left the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the country, they disappeared from circulation. Now you can add this scarce collection to your own collection! It includes coins from kopeks to rubles, all featuring the State Emblem of the USSR, plus an historic banknote. These are genuine artifacts from the Cold War era and circulated in the pockets of Russians from the days of Nikita Khrushchev to Gorbachev.

  • Each Coin Shows the State Emblem of the USSR—A hammer and sickle surrounded by sheafs of grain
  • Profound Historical Significance-- Spans the thirty years of the Cold War
  • Remarkably affordable-- A reasonably priced addition to any collection
  • Coins Sealed for Protection-- Pliofilm tightly secures each coin
  • Album Included -- Packed with historical information

Collectors around the world actively seek out the last coins in a series, but in this case they're the last coins and paper money of the vast Soviet Empire!

It's been over 15 years since the collapse of the USSR and these coins and paper money could prove to be difficult to locate in the future. By securing yours today, you can avoid future disappointment and the uncertainty of future supplies and prices. Order yours now!

Country Russia
Composition Copper, Brass, Nickel
Denomination Varies
Coin Weight Various
Dimensions Various
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