Lord Of The Rings Fantasy 5pc Coin Set #1

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Take a Numismatic Journey Through Middle Earth!

Don your cloak, grab your walking stick and take a journey through J.R.R. Tolkien’s realm of Middle-earthwith this incredible Lord of the Rings Fantasy Set! Five pieces (each struck in copper, iron or brass) will lead you along an epic path of discovery that takes you from The Shirehome of the Hobbits, through the lands of Elves, Dwarves and Men, all the way to the black sands of Mordor and back again. The first of two, this set includes:

  • An Old Dale Raven Penny minted in 2769
  • A Ñoldorin Elf-struck Hollin Fall Leaf of Holly
  • An Eye of Sauron from Modor
  • A Rohan Brumby Penny, featuring Mearas, King of the Horses, and
  • A Moria Axe of Durin with a portrait of Durin, the father of Dwarves

Packaged in a plastic holder, this set also includes a storycard that will guide your path through Tolkien’s world of magic, peril, heroism, and "One Ring to Rule Them All."

Officially licensed and hand-crafted by the Shire Post Mint, this Lord of the Rings set is the perfect gift for any lover of epic fantasy. This fantasy set is also incredibly affordable, making it a wonderful way to introduce young family members to the exciting world of collecting. Just imagine the excited looks on their faces as they examine the similarities and differences of pieces struck in different regions of Tolkien’s Middle-earth, only to learn that the same type of journey can be taken by examining modern coins from different nations! Don’t miss out on this fantastic fantasy set!

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Purity Mixed
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