New Releases

New coin arrivals come into our vault every day. World Mints are sending us their new gold coins and new silver coins because we're one of the biggest distributors of these coins in the world. Some of these new arrivals are available in such limited quantities, they are likely to sell out fast. Keep an eye on this new coin arrivals page—you'll never see some of these gold coins and silver coins anywhere else!

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Constantly Changing Inventory

Our inventory is constantly changing, and we are always actively purchasing new coins and collections to keep our inventory fresh and exciting to provide the best selection possible. That’s why many customers and collectors bookmark our “New Releases” page to see the latest inventory of new arrivals, new coins, new proofs, new sets, new releases, first releases, and unexpected treasures.

There is no way to know how long a coin will be in inventory, because the collector market moves fast, especially with key date coins or popular new issues. Popular new releases can, and sometimes do, fly off the shelves. The saying, “here today, gone tomorrow,” has never been as true as it is in the coin market.

In the coin market, a coin’s popularity drives demand for purchasing and annually minted coins often have a limited supply. This law of “supply and demand” is what moves the numismatic market. Coins that have high populations and are readily available usually yield lower prices. However, the scarcer the coin, generally the higher the premium, because collectors will pay that price to purchase a desired coin to finish a collection

Sourcing Top Products

We are constantly improving our inventory to include the most up to date precious metal products to satisfy the needs of every collector and “stacker” we serve. We work with major mints and distributors around the globe to bring 100% authentic and unique products to our customer base, sometimes allowing us to offer exclusive releases. Timing is everything when purchasing coins, be sure to check out our New Releases page frequently, so you always get the coins you need!