1935 $1 Silver Certificate 10-Pack VF

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World War II-Era Silver Certificates

1935. Adolf Hitler had already been Chancellor of Germany for two years, and his Nazi Party was consolidating power. Within six short years, the United States would officially enter World War II. And these notes were there to see it! Issued in 1935, these Silver Certificates could be traded for hefty Silver Dollars. That is, until 1963 when they were discontinued by an Act of Congress. 1935 was also the final year the U.S. Mint struck 90% silver dollars, making Very Fine (VF) Silver Certificates of this particular date even more coveted. And expensive – look elsewhere and you’ll find just one of these notes in a lower condition selling for as much as $25.50 per note. That’s $225 for a pack of ten! But secure yours now and you’ll get these attractive blue-seal notes at an excellent price.

Year of Issue 1935
Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Condition Circulated
Grade VF
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar