135-40 BC Widows Mite Janeus Lepton in Mini Folder

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A Coin Out of History, with a Story Out of the Bible.

This widow's mite is 2,000 years old. It's from the Holy Land, near the same time Jesus and the Apostles trod its dusty paths. In fact, every coin in this offer could have actually passed through the hands of the Apostles and the first Christians. That's why widow's mites from the time of Jesus and the Apostles are one of the most sought after ancient treasures of all time. Not only do collectors covet them, but the world's most important museums display them in their permanent collections. Their significance cannot be underestimated.

We worked very hard to bring them to you! Each widow's mite was individually hand struck by artisans over twenty centuries ago - it's remarkable that any have survived. Not only can you own these museum quality widow's mites, you get them at an amazing price. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, assuring your coin was minted and circulated at the time of Jesus. Don't miss this opportunity.

Composition Bronze
Condition Circulated
Currency Type Lepton
Dimensions 14mm