1907 Series $5 Woodchopper Currency Note Fine

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The Last of the Woodchoppers and the Last of the Horse Blankets

When this $5 legal-tender note was issued in 1907, the memory of the American pioneer building a log cabin with just his ax and elbow grease was still vivid in the collective consciousness. It’s no wonder this design paying tribute to that pioneer spirit was chosen to be on this note, which quickly was labeled "the Woodchopper."

The intricately engraved vignette of a frontiersman and his family is the central feature of the note, which also shows an engraving of President Andrew Jackson. A bold red "V," the treasury seal and the serial number all combine to make this note a real work of art. The reverse features an ornate decorative pattern in green. It's also the last $5 "Horse Blanket" note, so named because of its large size – at 7.375” x 3.125” it is 40% larger than today’s notes so don’t even think about trying to cram it into your wallet!

Over the years, collectors have made this note one of the most popular currency issues of all time. Despite being more than 110 years old, this captivating note can still be yours in beautiful Fine condition, housed in a protective acrylic holder for optimal viewing. Hurry, as you can imagine, our supply is extremely limited.

Discover the spirit of America for yourself and add this note to your cart today!

  • ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR NOTES – The 1907 Series $5 Woodchopper Note is one of the most popular American currency notes ever issued. Featuring a westward expansion-themed vignette, the image effectively captures the nation’s pioneer spirit. It also features a portrait of President Andrew Jackson.
  • LARGE “HORSE BLANKET” SIZE – This vintage note is referred to as a “horse blanket” note for its large size. At 7-3/8” x 3-1/8” it is 40% larger than the notes of today.
  • LAST LARGE-SIZED $5 NOTE EVER PRINTED – The 1907 Series $5 currency note is the last series that this denomination was issued in the large horse blanket size.
  • LEGAL TENDER CURRENCY NOTE – Each 1907 Series Woodchopper Note was $5 legal tender. The words “LEGAL TENDER FOR FIVE DOLLARS” are printed on the note to assure recipients that it was legitimate and that the U.S. government would fulfil its obligation to pay.
  • NICE GRADE FOR THIS TYPE OF NOTE – Your 1907 Series $5 Woodchopper Note comes in Fine condition. That’s a very nice grade considering the age and widespread circulation notes like this saw during the early years of the 20th Century. Most were heavily used and were later taken out of circulation and destroyed by the government.
Year of Issue 1907
Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Condition Circulated
Grade F
Currency Type Dollar
Dimensions 7.375 x 3.125 in