242-227 BC Seleucid Tetradrachm of Antiochus Hierax NGC CH VF

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The Seleucid Tetradrachm of Antiochus Hierax

From the desk of GovMint.com's resident ancient coin expert, David Levine:

Minted -- Alexandria Troas, circa 242-227 BC

Grade -- NGC Choice VF, strike 5/5, surface 3/5

Obverse -- Head of Antiochos right, wearing winged diadem

Reverse -- Apollo seated left on omphalos, holding arrow in right hand and resting left on grounded bow, retrograde KAΛ monogram in left field, MYP monogram and horse grazing left in exergue

Legend -- On right and left: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ANTIOXOY (Of King Antiochus)

Diameter -- 34 mm

Levine's Notes

  • Apparently unpublished and unique.
  • Unique and large with interesting family intrigue.
  • Antiochus Hierax was the son of Antiochus II and younger brother of Seleucus II, heir to the Seleucid Kingdom. Although he was sent to rule the Seleucid territories in Anatolia (central Turkey today), his infamous ambition led him to try to take full control of the Seleucid Empire while his brother was at war with Egypt. After early defeats, he managed with the help of the Galatians to defeat his brother but was eventually overpowered and expelled to Anatolia. Not having learned his lesson, he again began revolts in Syria but was overcome and exiled to Thrace, living as a virtual prisoner. He later escaped, fled to the mountains and again tried to raise an army, where he was then killed by a band of Galatians.
Year of Issue (Dates May Vary)
Grade Choice, VF
Currency Type Tetradrachm
Dimensions 34mm