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Nothing makes the perfect gift quite like something personalized. Coin collectors are passionate about their hobby, which makes coins, rounds, and bars fantastic options for gifts. From births and weddings to graduations and retirements, coins can be excellent gift ideas for those who appreciate them. Precious metals stand the test of time, and in some cases, even come with unique additions that allows for even more personalization. Browse our carefully curated gift inventory below. You might just find the perfect present for the collector in your life!

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Wedding Coin Gifts

 You don’t have to wait for the silver anniversary to immortalize a union with precious metals. The Perth Mint annually offers a 1 oz. silver coin specifically minted as a gift for weddings. The coin features an image of a husband and wife embracing and includes interlocking gold rings and includes the date of issue so the special occasion can be remembered for years to come. This annual release makes a beautiful gift for a partner or a couple just starting their lifelong journey together.

Birthday Coin Gifts

As with other occasions, has sourced a variety of birthday-themed inventory. Those looking for a unique option can choose a Happy Birthday coin from the Perth Mint. Struck every year, the colorized coins come in themed packaging and are sure to stand out in any collection. Perfect for kids, Niue issued a 2020 dated Minions Happy Birthday coin that features one of the yellow goobers on a one-ounce silver proof coin housed in a colorful, birthday card-themed packaging. The United States Mint also annually releases a Happy Birthday Coin set that includes five proof versions of the circulating coinage released each year. Issued in a colorful package that can have a message written in it, like an actual birthday card, this item is a novel way to give the collector in your life money as a gift.

Other Gifts for Coin Collectors

Some of the best gift options combine a second hobby or interest with coin collecting. Here are a few of the options available.

Silver Sports Coins

Germany’s Mayer Mint struck a Buel Spoon Fishing Lure coin in 2020. The coin features an image of Julio Buel, the lure’s inventor, and was also struck in the shape of a lure.  A fishhook brings the design together for a piece that will stand out in any collection.

The Basketball fan in your life should not miss out on the United States Mint’s Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative coin program which was issued in 2020. The domed coins are the perfect way to display passion for the sport in a collection.

Historical Coins is proud to stock numerous historic numismatic pieces that are often available in themed packaging that would be perfect gift ideas for the history enthusiast and coin collector in your life. A Korean War set which houses coinage issued during the war from 1950-1953 in military-themed packaging could be an excellent gift for the veteran in your life. Fans of the wild west and Americana are sure to appreciate this three-piece Morgan Silver Dollar Wild West “Outlaw” set whose packaging includes story cards that tell the story of the wild west where these iconic pieces would have circulated.

In addition to actual historical pieces, Mints around the world issue coins to commemorate significant past events. For example, the Perth Mint created a coin celebrating the first-ever flight from England to Australia. Struck in 2019, the coin marked the centennial anniversary of the critical trip, which showed just how far aviation had gone in bringing the world together in only sixteen years. The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing just recently passed in 2019, and everywhere from the United States Mint to the Royal Canadian Mint issued coins honoring that landmark achievement.

Harry Potter Coins, Marvel Coins, Chibi Coins, and More!

Options abound for pop culture enthusiasts. Coins are frequently issued featuring music, movies, and more. Chibi coins are shaped like the cartoon versions of a variety of famous characters. Another great option is to send a collector back to his or her childhood with the likes of a 2018 Paddington Bear issue from The Royal Mint.  From Marvel to Harry Potter to some of your favorite rock and roll bands like ACDC, and more, you can find the perfect gift for the coin collector in your life. Like the James Bond Silver Foil Movie Poster, some options are fit to display in any collection, coin based or otherwise.