Money of the Bible by Kenneth Bressett, 2nd Edition

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Money of the Bible, 2nd Edition

Money is mentioned all across the Bible – no fewer than 16 of the 40 parables preached by Jesus mentioned coins or money. Most people take the mention of money for granted, but the coins that circulated during Biblical time are historic pieces that are now important artifacts of ancient civilizations. Each coin tells its own story, the significance of which gives us a running commentary on Biblical events in a way few other artifacts can.

A great way to discover the history of these coins is the wonderful book “Money of the Bible” written by Kenneth Bressett, one of the world’s most famous numismatic researchers. In this his second edition, Bressett examines such things as what the actual 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus looked like. He also examines coins such as Widow’s Mites, Tribute Pennies and what kind of money the Good Samaritan used to pay the innkeeper.

These and other topics are all covered in this marvelous book. It’s must reading for any collector of Biblical coins and a fascinating way to better understand the customs of ancient Judaea as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.