Silver Certificates

Silver and gold have been the foundation for just about every single economy in the world.  Rightly so as well.  On top of being utilized as currency for over two thousand years, these two precious metals have many uses from circuitry to jewelry.  With how intrinsically valuable these elements were (and still are), it’s no wonder that when the United States was leaving the old era of transactions behind and was transitioning into the modern era, that some the bills put into circulation were directly backed by silver. Such notes used to be legal tender in the United States but are now obsolete. These notes are titled “Silver Certificates” and are some of the most collectable pieces of paper currency there are.

Foreign notes are also gaining traction in the collecting community, so keep reading to learn more about this historic era of paper money and browse's selection of notes to start your banknote collection today.

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Collecting Silver Certificates

Depending upon the condition and year of issue of a given note, they can still be highly collectible. Issued from the years 1878-1964 by the United States, these notes were backed by silver and were able to be redeemed for what their face value was worth in silver coins. Many silver certificates are still available to add to your collection, including the famous Silver Certificate Indian chief, the Silver Certificate “Educational Series,” Silver Certificates from the World War II era, and many more. 

Monetary Works of Art

Within the category of Silver Certificates are pieces that should absolutely be treated as works of art.  Take the Educational Series for example which was issued by the United States Mint in the late 1890s. On the orders of then Chief of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Claude Johnson, new designs were crafted for paper currency. Three different paper notes that depict the personification of concepts like “History” “Science” and “Electricity” educating others. These designs were made by muralists and truly show the artistry that can come from a paper note.  The United States Silver Certificates are both works of art on a paper canvas as well as historical monuments and numismatic time capsules.