320794 – AD 147-175/6 Roman Denarius of Faustina Jr. Golden Age Hoard NGC AU

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Silver Struck During the Golden Age of Rome

  • IMPORTANT ROMAN COIN – These Silver Denarii struck during the lifetime of Empress Faustina the Younger – wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, are among the most important coins of their era when Rome was at the height of its power and grandeur.
  • KEY COINS FROM THE HOLDEN AGE HOARD – These coins are from the recently discovered Golden Age Hoard of Roman coins. The name comes from the fact that these all hail from a time when the Romans achieved a balance of political stability and economic & intellectual success that had never before existed.
  • REMARKABLE CONDITION – Your Silver Denarius of Empress Faustina has been certified and graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be in About Uncirculated (AU) condition – a remarkable condition for such a heavily circulated coin struck two millennia ago!
  • MUSEUM-QUALITY PIECES OF HISTORY – This coin struck in the 2nd Century is a true piece of history that you can hold in your hands. Most coins this important and in this nice of condition can be found in museums, but now it can be part of your private collection!
  • SPECTACULAR PACKAGING – Your 147–175/6 Roman Denarius of Faustina coin comes beautifully displayed in a Story Vault holder that includes a fact-filled storycard that recounts the Rome’s foundation story.

Beautiful coins from of the Roman Empire are among the most popular and coveted pieces in any collection of historic coins. Of those, the most desired are pieces struck when Rome was at the peak of its power, such as these stunning Silver Denarius coins struck during the lifetime of Emperor Marcus Aurelius that pay tribute to his beloved wife, Empress Faustina.

These Silver Denarii were struck from A.D. 147-175/76 during the lifetime of philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius, who reigned from A.D. 161-180 as the last of Rome’s so-called “Five Good Emperors.” These emperors were given that title because they reigned from A.D. 96-180 during a time when Rome was at its most peaceful, prosperous and largest. It was truly Rome’s golden age. This silver denarius was considered to be one of the most important coins of that era. It circulated heavily throughout the Roman Empire and was used in all forms of payment from shopping in the market to paying soldiers in the service of Rome.

Finding one of these coins in nice condition is next to impossible, but fortunately for you we’ve unearthed a Golden Age Hoard of these silver denarius coins that are absolutely magnificent. They are so nice that each was professionally certified and graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be in Very Fine (VF) condition! The obverse of each coin features the draped bust of Roman Empress Faustina, the wife of Marcus Aurelius. As the dates vary on these coins, so, too do the reverse designs, but each features a god, goddess or personification representing something characteristic about either Faustina or Marcus Aurelius.

Faustina (known as “the Younger” since her mother was Faustina the Elder) was the daughter of Emperor Antonius Pius. When Antonius named Marcus Aurelius his heir, he solidified the move by betrothing Faustina to the future emperor. It proved to be a successful marriage as Faustina bore Marcus 13 children and accompanied him so often on his military campaigns that she earned the nickname “Mother of the Camps.” So respected was Faustina by both her husband and his soldiers that upon her death she was deified and her statue was placed in Rome’s Temple of Venus.

Don’t miss your chance to travel back in time and hold a piece of the Roman Empire in your hand when Rome was the center of the universe. Add this Silver Denarius of Empress Faustina to your cart and become a curator of world history today!

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Grade AU