$2 Federal Reserve 16-Note Uncut Sheet Crisp Uncirculated

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Legal to Own in All 50 States!

When folks see these uncut sheets of $2 bills, their first thought is “I don’t believe it.” Their next thought is, “I’ll go to jail!” Well, you can certainly believe it because they’re right here, and we assure you they are perfectly legal to own. In fact, you can do whatever you want with them. Most folks like to frame their uncut $2 sheets because they make a knock-your-socks-off wall display, but the choice is yours!

The two-dollar bill is America’s rarest small denomination in its fleet of U.S. paper currency. They’re sometimes referred to as “Toms” thanks to the portrait of President Thomas Jefferson that adorns them. You don’t often see these notes in circulation and they’re often kept as keepsakes and mementos. One place where they are used – and frequently – is at President Jefferson’s estate and home Monticello. There, the admission to entre the historic site is $15. Most people pay the fee with ten- and five-dollar bills. When they do, their change is always a $2 bill! Talk about branding!

Two-Dollar bills are extremely popular, and buying an entire sheet is certainly the most unique way to own them. And as an uncut sheet, every bill comes in razor-sharp Crisp Uncirculated (CU) condition. If you ever wanted to decorate your office, study or man cave with real U.S. currency, you can start here by securing an uncut 16-note sheet. Get yours now!

Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Condition Uncirculated
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Dollar