AD 260-269 Romano-Gallic Empire Billon Double Denarius of Postumus NGC AU

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Ancient Coins from the Man Who Made Himself a King

  • COINS FROM THE SHORT-LIVED GALLIC EMPIRE – These coins were struck by the Romano-Gallic Empire, a short-lived empire that broke away from the Roman Empire during the Crisis of the Third Century. The breakaway empire controlled what is today France and areas west of the Rhine River from about AD 260-274.
  • STRUCK MORE THAN 1,750 YEARS AGO – Each coin was struck during the reign of Emperor Postumus, one of the most powerful men of the Roman Empire who was ultimately murdered by his troops for refusing to allow them to sack a city.
  • HIGH-GRADE ANCIENT COINS – Your AD 260-269 Romano-Gallic Empire Billon Double Denarius of Postumus has been certified and graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being in About Uncirculated (AU) condition a high grade for such an old coin that was struck in a critical moment in world history.
  • HAND-SELECTED FOR QUALITY AND APPEARANCE – Each Romano-Gallic Empire Billon Double Denarius coin was hand-selected by experts in ancient coinage for overall sharpness and eye appeal.
  • SEALED IN A PROTECTIVE HOLDER – Your coin has been sonically sealed in an acrylic holder with a white display core – giving you the best in protection while granting clear sightlines into every beautiful detail.

The Crisis of the Third Century was a dark time for the Roman Empire. Lasting from about AD 235-284, it saw the empire nearly collapse due to invasions, rebellions and a multitude of usurpers for the title of emperor almost too numerous to name. One usurper, Pothumus, almost made it stick but was ultimately done in by his own aversion to unnecessary violence and cruelty. An extremely competent general and administrator who proclaimed himself emperor of Gaul (modern-day France), Postumus ruled his domain almost unchecked for nearly a decade.

The sequence of events that elevated Postumus to his exalted position began in 260 when Emperor Valerian was captured by forces of the Sassanid Empire of Persia. That left Valerian’s son Gallienus as the sole emperor and in control – albeit tenuously – of both the eastern and western halves of the empire. Taking advantage of the instability in Rome, Postumus was proclaimed emperor of Gaul by his troops and fought off a pair of campaigns led by Gallienus. Since Postumus never sought to march on Rome or gain control of the entire empire, Gallienus instead focused his attention on the invasions in the east. Postumus met his end when he was challenged by one of his own generals. After defeating the usurper Laelianus at the battle of Mogontiacum (modern-day Mainz, Germany) in 268, Postumus was killed by his own troops because he forbade them to sack the city. Without the steady hand of Postumus to guide it, the Romano-Gallic Empire quickly declined. The short-lived break away Empire was finally retaken by Emperor Aurelian in 274.

This stunning Double Denarius of Romano-Gallic Emperor Postumus was struck from AD 260-269, from billon, a metallic alloy containing bronze with a thin coating of silver. And image of a crowned Postumus resplendently dressed in his battle armor is featured on the obverse along with the legend IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG meaning “Commander Caesar Postumus: Pious, Happy Emperor.” The coin’s reverse depicts the goddess Felicitas standing with a long caduceus in her right hand, a cornucopia in her left, accompanied by the inscription FELICITAS AVG “The good fortune of the Emperor.” Felicitas was the goddess or personification of success and good luck, and a prominent symbol of wealth and prosperity on Roman coinage.

Each coin available in this offer has been certified and graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being in About Uncirculated (AU) condition and exhibits a remarkable strike and surface conditions. The details of its designs are design are all complete with traces of wear only at the highest points, and more than half of its original Mint luster remaining. Add this museum-quality piece to your collection today before you find yourself amidst the Crisis of the 21st Century!

Condition Graded
Grade AU
Currency Type Denarius