Russian Romanov Dynasty 6-Piece Coin Set

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Centennial Anniversary of Tsar Nicholas II’s Abdication from Power!

Longevity of the Romanov Dynasty…

If you would have travelled to Russia in 1613, you would have seen a country filled with famine and diseases.  The country was hindered with chaos because of an ongoing struggle between potential Tsars attempting to take the throne. Eventually this struggle came to an end as a young 16 year old boy, named Michael Romanov, sought to bring order back to Russia. Ruling over Russia from 1613 to 1917, the Romanov dynasty had outright power for over 300 years.  In a similar fashion to most of the world’s great dynasties, the Romanov dynasty ended with death; in this case numerous family members were murdered at the hands of the Bolsheviks. 

Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Despite ruling for over 300 years, the Romanov dynasty quickly came to an between in early 1917 and 1918 when 18 out of 65 family members were murdered by the Bolsheviks; the rest moved abroad after being exiled. The year 2017 marks the centennial anniversary of Tsar Nicholas II’s abdication. After he was forced to abdicate, he was held at different palaces with his family but once the Soviet forces caught wind of a potential rescue of Nicholas and his family, they were murdered in July of 1918. Now you can own this collection of coins struck in last 49 years of the Romanov dynasty.      

Different Sizes and Metal Content, a Piece of Russian History!

Your 6pc Last of the Romanov Dynasty set comes with coins stuck between 1867 and 1916 during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.  Each coin in this set features the famous two-headed Romanov Eagle, including: Copper 1 kopek, Copper 2 kopek, Copper 3 kopek, Silver 10 kopek, Silver 15 kopek, Silver 20 kopek. All coins in the set are protected in an archival capsule and beautifully displayed in a deluxe case. The box set comes complete with a story card, certificate of authenticity. Collectors who see the value in obtaining a piece of Russian history will not miss out on this opportunity. We expect these 6 piece sets to be snatched up quickly, don’t miss your chance to acquire one today!

Country Russia
Composition Various
Purity Mixed
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