16-Piece Historical Ship Coins from 16 Countries

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It’s Time to Set Sail With Ships form Around the World

Nautical themes on legal-tender coinage have existed for hundreds of years, but in the last 300 years or so they’ve become even more prolific – which means you probably have a lot of catching up to do! This 16-coin set features legal-tender coins from 16 different nations, all featuring sea-faring vessels that range from Great Britain’s majestic Golden Hind to the South Korean Turtle boat and South African Dromedaris. You’ll receive coins from Canada, Cyprus, Djibouti, East Caribbean, Gambia, Great Britain, Greece, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Israel, Liberia, Panama, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea and Spain. The set comes in a vinyl sleeve with pockets for each coin, accompanied by a story card detailing the countries and denominations included. And all for less than $1.25 per coin!

Maritime-themed stories have always been popular whether they be fact or fiction. With their focus on heroism, masculinity and man’s struggle against the vast hostile environment of the high sea, most of these tales teach us about life and grace under pressure. Novels like Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” and C.S. Forester’s “Hornblower” series and fact-based books like Sebastian Junger’s “The Perfect Storm” have thrilled us with mystery and adventure. Whether it’s a long romantic cruise on a passenger liner, duty on a naval vessel, or simply fishing from the side of a small boat, almost everyone has some experience and fond memories of time on a boat or ship.

Now you can capture those memories and fuel your dreams of adventure with this wonderful set. It’s the perfect way to start or add to your own nautical collection! It also makes a wonderful gift for any new collector so this is the perfect opportunity to get one for friends and family! Set sail on your nautical adventure right now!

  • POPULAR NAUTICAL THEME – The wide of variety of sailing vessels that appear on these coins is a historical and cultural treat. Always a popular theme, you will have an entire fleet to examine and share with friends and relatives.
  • SIXTEEN COINS FROM SIXTEEN COUNTRIES – No repeats, no doubles – just sixteen different coins all featuring a different type of sailing vessel from small to large.
  • CUSTOM PACKAGING AND EXTRAS – Your 16-Piece Historical Ship Coins from 16 Countries set will comes packaged in a vinyl sleeve with pockets for each coin. In addition, your set will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a storycard that describes the countries and the coins I the collection.

Set sail with a fantastic 16-coin collection of coins that feature ships from around the world. Each coin is from a different county and the entire set comes in a vinyl sleeve with pockets for each coin. Come aboard and get yours today!

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