Shire Mint 1-oz Silver Supermoon Antiqued Medal BU

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This Silver Medal Will Infuse You with Supermoon Fever!

Here’s a silver medal that will have you Moonstruck! It’s an incredibly detailed medal that provides an exact replica of the Moon’s surface on a pure silver round!

Struck in a one-ounce of highly-pure 99.9% fine silver, the Silver Supermoon Medal features a geographically correct 91,196,160:1 scale design of the Moon. OK, it’s technically selenographically correct – we ARE talking about the Moon, after all! At 38.1 mm (about 1.5 inches) in diameter, the medal lets you see all the major lunar features thanks to a carefully formulated antique finish that has settled into the crevices of the design while leaving the high points of the relief in full brilliance.

What’s also really neat about this medal is that it features both the near and far sides of the Moon, with the near side on the front and the far side on the back of the medal. The near side or face of the Moon is what we see most nights and especially during a full Moon. But we seldom see the far or “Dark” side of the Moon. The far side features a much more rugged terrain with large impact craters. No human has ever set foot on the dark side, though there are plans to one day erect a large radio telescope there where the Moon would shield it from radio interference from Earth.

Your One-Ounce Silver Supermoon Antiqued Medal also comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. It’s a masterpiece struck at the Shire Post Mint. A highly-respected coining company located in Arkansas, the Shire Post Mint specializes in licensed fantasy coinage. Among its hundreds of licensed coins designs are those from A Game of Thrones™, The Lord of the Rings™, The Hobbit™, Conan the Barbarian™ and more. What makes the Shire Mint unique among other coining operations is that its designs are engraved by hand instead of laser etched by a computer. Additionally, coins are struck using antique coin presses – a historic process that allows for impeccable detail and durability.

Touch the surface of the Moon without leaving the comfort of your own home with the Shire Mint One-Ounce Silver Supermoon Antiqued Medal. It makes a perfect gift and a great conversation piece as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing in 1969. Add one – or several – to your cart today!

  • FANTASTIC DETAIL OF THE MOON’S SURFACE – The Shire Mint One-Ounce Silver Supermoon Antiqued Medal features an exact 91,196,160:1 scale reproduction of the Moon’s surface. The Moon’s near side is depicted on the front of the medallion while the far side is shown on the back.
  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY-PURE SILVER – These incredibly detailed silver medals are struck in an ounce of highly-pure 99.9% silver. As a testament to this intrinsic value, the thick edge of each medal was stamped with the text “999 FS”.
  • GORGEOUS BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED CONDITION – Your Shire Mint One-Ounce Silver Supermoon Antiqued Medal will come in gorgeous Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition and features an antique finish that has settled into the crevices of the design while leaving the high points of the relief in full brilliance.

Now you can not only promise someone the moon – you can actually give it to them! Get one for yourself an another one for anyone else on your list who has Moon Fever!

Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Uncirculated, Antique
Grade BU
Mint Name Shire Post Mint
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38.1mm
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