Silver Bar and Rounds

Silver has been integral to the development and growth of human society.  Dating back thousands of years, silver held value the moment we as people discovered it, be it as a marker of wealth, or as a means to make tools and ornamentation. The love of silver is so inherently human that countless myths, legends, and historical moments stem from this precious metal.  It wasn’t all that long ago when people were still using the silver and gold standards in the modern economy.  It wasn’t until 1935 that the last nation using the silver standard changed to an entirely fiat currency system.

Now, in the modern era, silver is still highly sought after for purity and artistry, as well as its inherent value. Getting your hands on this precious metal is easier than ever when you buy silver bullion online as it comes in many different forms to fit any style or budget.  Bullion is a term used to describe any item made of precious metals, like silver, gold, and even platinum. Silver bullion normally comes in the form of ingots, bars, rounds, and coins.  Some different types of silver bullion also act as collectable sets and works of art to show off or collect.  Being separate from fiat currencies, silver bullion can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to leave a fluid legacy for children, grandchildren, and any other family members. Keep reading below to learn about how silver bars and silver rounds can enhance your collection.

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Silver Bars

Buying silver bullion bars is a great place to start stacking silver as silver bars don’t fit the normal convention of silver coins, while still holding a similar value. Silver bars are also the perfect way to own incredible works of art.  Silver bars have a larger surface than coins or rounds which allows for more intricate engravings and stylings. Due to the nature of their composition, they are in fact, easier to actually "stack" too. Take for example the stunning Aztec 10 oz. bars issued by Golden State Mint, a private Mint, that feature an intricate Aztec calendar pattern struck on ten ounces of .999 fine silver. Buying silver bullion bars allows you to increase the diversity of any collection.  Silver bullion bars also offer affordable alternatives with multitudes of different sizes.  From 1-oz to 1 kilo in size, silver bullion bars have a wide variety of styles to fit any budget.  The most convenient way to buy silver bullion bars is to buy online and has a great selection to choose from.

Silver Rounds

Different from silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars, silver rounds are privately minted.  This means that silver rounds are not issued by a sovereign Mint and as such don’t have any legal tender attached to them.  Silver rounds are coins that are valued strictly based on their silver content, however, they often feature striking designs.  These silver rounds are popular for their commemorative designs such as 2019 “Sons of Liberty” 2-oz silver round that depicts an American colonist fighting for independence and a stunning design of the Tree of Liberty.  There are also silver rounds such as the 2017 1-oz silver ANA Rick Harrison silver round that has a full colorized portrait of Rick Harrison from the TV series Pawn Stars.  This diversity in design means that silver rounds can fit into any collection. 

Rounds will not have any legal tender struck on either face, but will often have their metal content and purity struck on at least one face.  This makes it easier to tell the value of these coins and to prove their authenticity.  Something to keep in mind when buying silver bullion rounds is that they also come in fractional types.  If a full once ounce silver bullion round is a bit pricy or bulky for your collection, you can look for smaller sizes of it for cheaper, making fractional silver bullion rounds an affordable way to get silver into your life without losing any of the artistry that a full-sized round offers.