U.S. Silver Coins

The United States of America has been minting its own coinage since 1792 and continues to grow its numismatic legacy to this day.  Alongside its circulating coinage which is generally struck from a copper-nickel alloy, the United States Mint has struck, and continues to strike, a wide variety of silver coins. For many collectors, the American Silver Eagle Dollar and the United States Silver Proof Set are highly sought-after annual releases.  In addition to the United States Mint’s annual releases, their historic issues continue to thrill collectors and there are even several vintage silver coins that entire collections have been based around them.  Silver coins like the Morgan Silver Dollar or original Walking Liberty Half Dollar are both discontinued pieces that hold tremendous significance among collectors. Silver coins issued by the United States are coveted the world over for beauty, design, and historical value. Keep reading below to learn more about the many Silver coins, both classic and modern, offered by the United States Mint.

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Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle is the annual silver bullion coin released by the United States Mint and is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful modern silver coins in the world.  Backed by the United States government for silver content and purity, this Silver Dollar is always a favorite among collectors. The Silver Eagle’s obverse depicts a gorgeous classic design, originally created by legendary designer Adolph Weinman for the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Its reverse was designed by the renowned John Mercanti, a former United States Mint Chief Engraver, and features a patriotic, heraldic Eagle bearing a shield.  One look at the design’s stunning detail and it is easy to see why the American Silver Eagle is famous amongst coin collectors and bullion enthusiasts, the world over. This iconic United States Silver Dollar is issued in a variety of finishes included Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof, and Burnished. Special issues are released time to time such as the first-ever Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle which was introduced in the historic, collaborative set issued jointly by the Untied States and Royal Canadian Mints in 2019.

US Silver Proof Set

When the United States Mint stopped issuing circulating silver coinage in the 60’s, silver was taken out of quarters in 1965, the demand for the precious metal skyrocketed.  People wanted more United States silver coins for sale, and the Mint delivered.  Starting in 1992, the United States Mint began striking their Silver Proof Set on an annual basis.  While standard Proof Sets have been available since 1936, .900 pure silver was not added to the Mint set mix until the 1992 when the Silver Proof set debuted. Silver Proofs Sets are valued by collectors for their stunning quality, as well as the fact that they contain one example of each piece of circulating coinage from that given year, but preserved from circulation in brilliant Proof condition. In recent years, additional coins have been added to the lineup including an example of every America the Beautiful Quarter design released in the year of issue.  This annual set of five silver proof quarters highlights an aspect of America. Silver Proof sets are often a relatively affordable way to kick start a United States Mint based coin collection.

Silver Morgans

An American classic and arguably the most recognizable vintage United States silver coin, the Morgan Silver dollar is a remnant from the era of gunslingers and the wild, wild, west.  First struck in 1878, these large Silver Dolalrs were robbed from stage coaches, used in saloons, gambled on in card games, and were witnesses to shootouts. The history of the Silver Morgan was almost brought to a halt when, due to the Pittman Act of 1918, hundreds of millions of these silver coins were melted down to aid the United States’ war effort.  Then, once more for the Great Depression, the Silver Morgans were reduced once more and then for a final time in the 1980’s. Today, Morgan Silver Dollars are coveted by collectors of both numismatics, history, fans of Americana, and anyone with a passion for gun-slinging and cattle rustling!