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Silver has held value for thousands of years. From silver, to silver jewelry, to silver coins; the precious metal has always been just that, precious. Silver, with all the shine and brilliance of gold, is highly valued, yet more affordable than its scarcer counterpart. Having strong foundations in myths, legends, and history, silver has helped shape human society into what it is today. Today, silver bullion, like silver bars and rounds, as well as silver coins, are highly sought after by stackers and collectors alike. With global silver numismatic icons like the U.S. Silver Eagle or the Chinese Silver Panda, artistry meets material. is the premier website to purchase these, and many other, immaculate pieces. Keep reading to check out our assortment of carefully curated silver products and to learn a bit more about the different reasons people from all walks of life purchase all things silver.

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A Brief History of Silver

From Judas to werewolves, silver has had a major impact on society as a whole.  With a history dating back more than 6,000 years, silver quickly found its way into the pockets of the wealthy for its shine, scarcity, and quality.  Being utilized in jewelry, silver bullion, and silver bars, the 47th element was used by almost every major empire in some regard since the Egyptians.  It wasn’t until 700 B.C. when the striking metal was first used as a true currency and not just as material to be traded.  The use of silver was so effective that the system remained in use until 1935 when Hong Kong and China, who were the last use the silver standard, finally abandoned it as their commercial standard.  In 1988, silver got a new lease on life when Canada released the Silver Maple Leaf and entered into the world of Bullion.  Now it seems like every major world Mint has their own staple silver coin.  The official U.S. Mint silver coin is the Silver Eagle.  China’s annual silver bullion release is the iconic Panda.  The Perth Mint in Australia annually releases the Silver Kangaroo series, while The Royal Mint in Britain releases the Silver Britannia.  Every year more options enter the numismatic market to the delight of collectors and stackers alike. Today, with silver’s value being completely independent of any monetary system and with all the different silver bullion and collectable coins for sale, buying silver has never been a more worthwhile pursuit.

Stacking Silver

Stackers buy silver solely for its precious metal content. Their often intricate designs do not hurt either. Treating silver coins more like silver bars, they “stack” their silver bullion, holding it for a rainy day.  Stackers often are not too concerned with the mintage or pedigree of a coin, but instead focus heavily on the silver content of a given piece.

Collecting Silver

Collectors buy silver due to its incredible beauty, historical value, and the astounding artwork that master sculptors can put on it.  There is also a bit of patriotism that goes into buying silver rounds and silver bullion.  People will buy U.S. silver coins to show support of their nation and will sometimes curate an entire collections of silver coins from one nation.  Collections can be just as diverse as the collectors themselves; some consist of only silver or gold rounds, some of specific dates or series, like the ever-popular Silver Morgan Dollar, others can be created by focusing on specific themes, like “ships”

U.S. Silver Coins

The U.S. Mint is a world leader in striking bullion of all different types and silver is no exception.  With coins like the Silver Eagle, a yearly staple silver coin for collectors around the world, and the Morgan Dollar, which has its origin dating back to gunslingers in the Wild West, America has a history of making highly sought-after coins.  Beyond silver bullion, the U.S. has some incredible medals and commemoratives, including the recently released Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Commemorative series.  The United States Mint has something for collectors, stackers, and patriots alike!

Canadian Silver

A record setter and global powerhouse in the world of numismatics and bullion, Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has a rich history and wide assortment of silver bullion.  The silver headliner of this mint is the Silver Maple Leaf. First stuck in 1988, the Maple Leaf would go on to become the first coin to be minted in 99.99% fine silver.  From their Silver Maple Leafs to their award winning and record setting methods, this Mint knows how to work with silver

Chinese Silver

With the Silver Panda as their front runner since 1982, the Chinese Mint has quality in all of their silver bullion and silver coins.  With their Lunar issues, Silver Proof Pandas, and other Commemorative Silver Coins, there is no shortage of quality from the Chinese Mint!

Australian Silver

The Perth Mint of Australia is held in very high regard by anyone seeking to add a little silver into their life.  With silver bullion series like the Silver Kangaroo, the Silver Kookaburra, and the Silver Lunar (series I and II), the Perth Mint has a long list of quality silver bullion and silver coins.

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