1734–1771 Spain Silver Reale Pillar Fine

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Colonial Spanish Silver That Witnessed America’s Independence

In the days of Colonial America, Spanish silver circulated within the colonies as small change coins. But when the British Crown began excessively taxing the colonists in the 1760s, the desire for independence sprung up in the hearts of early Americans. Struck between 1734 and 1771, these Pillar Silver Reale coins bore witness to the birth of American democracy.

These coins are the same date and type as those which circulated around the 13 colonies as a young United States of America fought for its independence. Just imagine – they may have spent time in any of the Founding Father’s pockets! They could have traveled with George Washington across the Delaware or shined in the reflected light of Thomas Jefferson’s candle as he worked the night away on his draft of the Declaration of Independence. They’re truly the coins of the American Revolution, and now they can be yours!

Plus, each coin comes in remarkable Fine condition. To have survived more than 250 years in this condition is an impressive feat. Most Spanish Reales from this era were heavily worn down in commerce or have long since been lost. But not these coins! Don’t let them get away – secure yours now! Dates vary.

  • FANTASTIC SILVER PILLAR REALES – This is a fantastic Spanish Reale Pillar coin, so-named for the reverse design of two crowned globes flanked by crowned bannered pillars over water.
  • GENUINE ARTIFACTS FROM EARLY COLONIAL AMERICA – These coins were struck from 1734-1771 and circulated during the early days of Colonial America including the French & Indian Wars and the birth of the Sons of Liberty – a secret society that was a precursor to the Continental Congress. Dates will vary.
  • LEGAL TENDER IN THE UNITED STATES – Despite being Spanish currency, these silver coins were accepted as official legal tender in the United States up until 1857.
  • STRUCK IN FINE SPANISH SILVER – Each coin was struck in 87.5% silver.
  • GRADED IN REMARKABLE FINE CONDITION – Your Spanish Silver Reale Pillar coin will come in Fine condition, a remarkable grade considering its age and the heavy use it saw during the early days of the United States!

Here’s your chance to own a genuine Spanish Silver Reale Pillar coin that witnessed America’s independence. Secure yours by clicking one to your cart right now!

Country Spain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9030
Condition Circulated
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Reale
Coin Weight 3.38 Grams - g
Dimensions 20mm