1742–1797 Silver 8 Reales & Gold Half Escudo 2-pc Set F–VF

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America’s First Gold and Silver Dollars

When Americans think “U.S. Silver Dollar,” their minds probably wander to the Silver Eagle — or for collectors, the historic Morgan Silver Dollar. But before either existed, our Founding Fathers carried Spanish Silver 8 Reales coins, along with Gold Half Escudo coins. These coins were used in American commerce well into the 1850s! In fact, Thomas Jefferson even recommended that our new country adopt the silver Spanish milled dollar as our monetary unit of value — and it was!

Spanish Coins that Were Accepted as U.S. Legal Tender

Now you have the chance to bring home one of each of these historic coins. The Silver 8 Reales coin comes in Fine (F) condition, struck between 1789 and 1797, the years of George Washington’s presidency! The Gold Half Escudo comes in Very Fine (VF) condition, struck between 1742 and 1788. Dates vary. After being granted legal tender status by the Second Continental Congress in 1776, a status which was reinforced by the Coinage Act of 1793, these coins were accepted as legal tender in the United States until 1857.

  • SILVER 8 REALES: Well before the United States struck its own coinage in mass quantities, the Spanish 8 Silver Reales coin was considered to be America’s first silver dollar. it helped fuel the early years of a new nation forming the backbone of the economy as trade and commerce exploded across the country.
  • GOLD HALF ESCUDO: Before 1849, the only gold dollar in the U.S. was the Spanish Half Escudo, which lined the pockets and cash boxes of colonists throughout the young country. They were legal tender all the way up to 1857, and the U.S. Gold Dollar is patterned after its size, weight and appearance.

In addition to your historic gold and silver coins, you’ll also receive a copy of the Declaration of Independence struck in 24 karat gold — a $49.95 value!

Year of Issue (Dates May Vary)
Country Spain
Composition Silver
Condition Circulated
Grade F
Denomination 0.50, 8.00
Currency Type Escudo, Reales
Coin Weight Various