Susan Taylor

Retired Senior Engraver at the Royal Canadian Mint

Susan Taylor began working for the Royal Canadian Mint from 1981 until her retirement in 2017. She worked as an engraver, sculptor, and senior engraver, and won the American Medal of the Year Award in 2016.

Her latest work can be seen featured on the reverse of the 2019 Peace and Liberty medal.

Taylor's reverse takes the form of a left-facing bust with the female personification of Peace wearing maple leaves in her hair. The design features a frosted field and a variety of both lightly frosted and mirrored devices.

“The inspiration originated from the Greek word ‘demokratia,'” said Taylor. “Her hair is crowned with a wreath of maple leaves and olive branches that symbolizes the core values of peace, order and good government that have come to inherently represent the Canadian identity.”

In this episode, we asked Ms. Taylor to share a couple of examples of historic coins which she finds particularly beautiful and inspiring. 

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