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Unicorn Vault protector

Second Wave of Popular 2019 Unicorn Vault Proofs Now Available

In East Asia, bronze “cash” coins were used for commerce. These round coins were cast with a square hold in the center, used to string coins together for easier counting and transportation. Collectors around the world are familiar with these classic coins, but what many don’t know is that a larger, more elite version was also cast in far smaller numbers…

The Vault Protector
On very special occasions in ancient times, Chinese mints would cast larger, thicker, heavier coins that also bore the square hole. These coins were not made for circulation, but for ornamentation. At the treasury, these coins would be hung with red silk string through their holes, placed over the altar in the treasury’s spirit hall, where offerings could be made to gods of fortune, prosperity and wealth.

These “Vault Protector” coins were believed to protect their owners against disaster and ensure the favor of the gods. For this reason, those with the financial means would often secure one of these coins and leave it in their vaults to guard the rest of their fortune.

A Special Anniversary
2019 marks the 25th anniversary of China’s original Unicorn coin series. Released in 1994, the coin featured both Eastern and Western depictions of the mythological creature. More importantly, it’s become an incredibly prized coin by collectors for its scarcity—just 10,000 one-ounce silver, 1,500 five-ounce silver and just 1,100 one-ounce gold Unicorn Proofs were struck.

Now, 25 years later, the Unicorn is reborn as a special Vault Protector Proof—the first-ever Unicorn to feature the square “cash” hole!

Unicorn Vault Protector Features

Protect Your Vault with Pure Silver and Gold

Struck in a full kilo of 99.9% fine silver, 88 “lucky” grams of 99.9% pure gold and 88 “lucky” grams 99.9% pure platinum (the number “8” being considered very lucky in Chinese culture), the 2019 Unicorn Vault Protector Proofs are unlike anything in your collection.

Struck in stunning Proof condition, utilizing multiple, high-pressure strikes with specially prepared dies and highly polished blanks, these pieces feature frosty designs and lustrous, mirror-like fields.

Unlike the original Unicorn Proof struck in 1994, these 25th anniversary proofs display both the Eastern and Western Unicorn designs together, allowing you to examine the fine detail and interesting differences without having to flip the coin over. If you do, though, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the Great Wall of China stretching out before you to meet the horizon.

The design comes to us by prominent Chinese coin designer Song Fei, creator of several nationally recognized designs, including 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009 Chinese Lunar Zodiac coins and the 2017 Panda bi-metal coin.

Certified by NGC as First Day of Issue and Signed by Song Fei

A number of these limited-edition proof come certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as First Day of Issue (FDI), meaning they were received by NGC within 24 hours of the mintage’s release!

As if that weren’t enough, each label will also bear the hand-signed autograph of Song Fei, the proof’s designer!

Unicorn Valut protector label Song Fei

Extremely Limited Release

The original 1994 Unicorn Proof is renowned for its incredibly limited mintages. This release is no different, with each proof carrying a strictly limited mintage—with even fewer certified by NGC as FDI and sealed with a hand-signed label.

It’s been 25 years since the world saw the first Unicorn Proof released out of China. This release marks the first-ever Unicorn Proof struck with the iconic “cash” hole that has helped make Chinese coinage famous around the world.

It’s time to make sure your collection or vault is properly protected—hurry and secure your 2019 Unicorn Vault Protector Proofs before our limited supply runs out. Limited-edition sets are also available, but only while our supply lasts!

Unicorn 88 gram Platinum

2019 88-Gram Platinum Unicorn Vault Protector Proof

  • 25th Anniversary Issue
  • “Lucky” 88 Grams of Platinum
  • Struck in 99.9% Fineness
  • Proof Condition
  • Square Cash Hole
  • Designed by Song Fei
  • Only 88 Minted
  • Limited Number Certified by NGC as FDI and signed by Song Fei

2019 88-Gram Gold Unicorn Vault Protector Proof

  • 25th Anniversary Issue
  • “Lucky” 88 Grams of Gold
  • Struck in 99.99% Fineness
  • Proof Condition
  • Square Cash Hole
  • Designed by Song Fei
  • Only 88 Minted
  • Limited Number Certified by NGC as FDI and signed by Song Fei
Unicorn 88 gram Gold
Unicorn Kilo Silver

2019 Kilo Silver Unicorn Vault Protector Proof

  • 25th Anniversary Issue
  • One Kilogram of Silver
  • Struck in 99.9% Fineness
  • Proof Condition
  • Square Cash Hole
  • Designed by Song Fei
  • Only 188 Minted 
  • Limited Number Certified by NGC as FDI and signed by Song Fei

Limited-edition sets also available certified flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) and FDI by NGC!

For ages, the Vault Protector has been used to guard wealth and prosperity. 25 years ago, collectors got their first glimpse at how beautiful a China Unicorn Proof could be. This release re-imagines the Unicorn Proof for 2019 as a new generation of Vault Protectors. Mintages are incredibly limited, so don’t delay—secure your 2019 Unicorn Vault Protector Proofs now!

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