1920-1929 Quarter-Pound Bag of Buffalo Nickels

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Bags of Vintage Buffalo Nickels

One of the most beloved coins in American history is the Buffalo Nickel. Struck from 1913 to 1938, the iconic coin has become synonymous with the American spirit. Although they have not been issued for more than 80 years, we’re releasing herds of these coin — but not as individual collector coins, but by the bag! And in this offer you can get a quarter-pound bag of Buffalo Nickels that contains 23 of these historic dated between 1920 and 1929 — the decade of the Roaring ’20s that saw the lowest mintages of Buffalo Nickels.

Fraser’s Timeless Design Is As Popular As Ever

Created by famed American sculptor James Earle Fraser, the Buffalo Nickel has always been one of America’s most popular coins. The Indian depicted on the coin is a dead ringer for Oglala Lakota Chief Iron Tail — though Fraser claimed it was a composite of three men in order to protect both the Chief’s privacy and his own artistic license. The buffalo on the reverse was modeled after Black Diamond, a large American bison then on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York City not far from Fraser’s studio. This timeless design is as popular as ever and now graces the U.S Mint’s annual $50 one-ounce gold bullion coin!

Buffalo Nickels Are More Sought-After Each Day

Millions of these vintage Buffalo Nickels have worn out in circulation or been recalled and destroyed by the government. Today, significant quantities can often only be found in private hoards and estate collections. As a result, these coins are becoming more sought-after each day. And now you can acquire your own ready-made hoard!

Buffalo Nickels have been beloved by collectors for generations and are sure to stand out in any collection. That’s why this bag of Buffalos will make the perfect gift for any new or aspiring collector. Plus, each coin comes in Good or better condition. Dates vary. Order yours today!

Country United States
Composition Copper-Nickel - CuNi
Denomination 0.05
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 5 Grams - g
Dimensions 21.2mm