1975 United States Mint Set

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1975-PD Mint Set

Beginning in 1975, S-Mint Cents were no longer made for circulation, and thus were no longer included in the Government-issued Mint Sets. To obtain a 1975-S Cent (or, for that matter, any other 1975 denomination from the San Francisco Mint), collectors had to purchase a 1975-S Proof Set.

About the sets: The coins in the 1975-PD Mint Sets were Uncirculated pieces pulled from regular production runs, thus the quality of the individual coins varies widely from set to set, and even within a set.

The 1975-PD Mint Set contained twelve coins, including the following:

1975-PD Mint Set Cent Nickel Dime Bicentennial Quarter (Copper-Nickel Clad) Bicentennial Half Dollar (Copper-Nickel Clad) Bicentennial One Dollar (Copper-Nickel Clad)
Philadelphia 1 1 1 1 1 1
Denver 1 1 1 1 1 1

Mintage: 1,921,488 sets

Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollars are found with two different reverses: Variety I, with a straight tail on the R of DOLLAR, and the text is thicker; while Variety II, has a curved tail on the R of DOLLAR, and the text is thinner. All of the Dollars in the 1975-PD Mint Sets appear to be Variety II.

Original packaging: The coins in the 1975-PD Mint Set were sealed in two pliofilm flat packs: the D-Mint coins were placed together in one of the packs, and the P-Mint coins were placed together in another. The pack containing the D-Mint coins was edged in red; the pack containing the P-Mint coins was edged in blue. The two pliofilm packs and two pieces of thin cardboard (for protection) were sealed in an officially inscribed, white mailing envelope.

America in 1975

American Arthur Ashe became the first African-American to win the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The World in 1975

The Soviet Soyuz 19 docked in space with an American Apollo spacecraft. The city of Saigon fell following the surrender of South Vietnam to North Vietnam.

Year of Issue 1975
Country United States
Composition Mixed Metal
Condition Uncirculated
Grade BU
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Philadelphia - P
Coin Weight 31.07 Grams - g
Dimensions Various