Eisenhower Dollar

Depicting the bust of the 34th President of the United States, a five-star general, and the Supreme Allied Commander of Allied forces in Europe during World War II, the silver Eisenhower dollar was a larger than average coin featuring a larger than life figure. Issued from the United States Mint from 1971-1978, the silver Eisenhower dollar sparked many coin collections in America. During its time in circulation, this silver dollar gave children the power to get the latest issue of their favorite comic-book hero, buy a pack of baseball cards, and grabs a candy bar and still leave them with some pocket change.  The Eisenhower dollar is regarded by those of this same generation as being one of the “Greatest American Silver Dollars.”  With Dwight David Eisenhower’s bust gracing the obverse and the same mission insignia as the Apollo 11 mission on the reverse, the silver Eisenhower dollar celebrates one of the greatest United States presidents with the single greatest American achievement of all time. Keep reading to learn more about this large one-dollar coin and to browse our extensive selection of Eisenhower Dollars below.

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A Brief History of the Eisenhower Dollar

Also referred to as “Ike dollars” in homage to the phrase Eisenhower supporters used during his presidential campaign, “we like Ike,” the silver Eisenhower dollars were the second to last of the large-sized coins issued by the United States Mint. They were also the first coin bearing the dollar denomination to be issued since the Peace Dollar was discontinued in 1935.

 Struck both for circulation, as cupronickel coins, and for collectors, as 40% silver coins, Eisenhower Dollars were not very successful in replacing the paper dollars widely used by most of the population. Over its eight-year run, the dies used to strike the large coins were altered a few times, allowing for several varieties of certain dates. In fact, three different reverses were used over the course of its issuing.  

1976 Eisenhower dollars commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing and the nations bicentennial with a unique reverse depicting the Liberty Bell pressed against the moon’s surface.  These silver dollars are perfect for history buffs, fans of Americana, and coin collectors. These Bicentennial Eisenhowers were released in the annual Proof and Mint sets released by the U.S Mint annually. They have the dual date 1776-1976 inscribed on the obverse.  

Due to the impressive size of these coins, they were difficult to produce and, within ten years, became discontinued.  Most of them were standard clad compositions but a few silver collector issues were struck.  The silver Eisenhower dollar is perfect for someone looking to start their coin collecting journey, as sets can be accumulated even on a budget. These silver dollars are also excellent for seasoned numismatists as more valuable varieties of Eisenhower dollars do exist and, given their relatively short time being struck, their rarity is high.  So, for anyone looking to start their numismatic journey or for those more seasoned collectors looking for a worth-while challenge, silver Eisenhower dollars have something for everyone!