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The United States Mint has struck many different Half Dollars over the course of its history. From Kennedy Silver Proof Half Dollars with reduced mintages that were struck to honor former President John F. Kennedy to Silver Walking Liberties which carried America through the roaring 20’s all the way through the end of World War II.  The assortment of United States Mint half dollars also includes commemorative releases which continue to be released to this day. Scroll below to view our half dollar inventory and to learn more about some of the most recognizable fifty cent pieces ever issued by the United States Mint!

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  1. 1941–1945 Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar 5-Coin Set

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Kennedy Half Dollar

Arguably one of the most well-known coins from the United States Mint, the fifty cent Kennedy silver half dollar was originally struck to commemorate and honor president John F. Kennedy.  Originally minted in 1964, one year after John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, these half dollars hold a lot of meaning and significance for anyone collecting American memorabilia. 50 cent Kennedy half dollars were first struck in 90% silver after which they transitioned to 40% silver. Today, the circulated 50 cent Kennedy’s are not struck in silver, but there are Kennedy silver proof variants that are struck and specially released from time to time.  Due to the fact that these coins are not typically used in circulation, the mintages for the modern Kennedy silver proofs tend to be smaller. 

Certain special, collectible issues of the Kennedy silver proof have been struck in order to honor John F. Kennedy and the age of the design. For the 50th anniversary of the original Kennedy half dollar in 2014, one such special commemorative series was again struck in 90% silver, along with some striking gold pieces. Functioning as both a work of numismatic artwork, a great source of Americana, and a memorial to a momentous moment in world history, the 50 cent Kennedy half dollar is one of the quintessential pieces of United States circulating coinage.  

Silver Walking Liberty

Designed by legendary sculptor Adolph Weinman, the Silver Walking Liberty half dollar is a fifty-cent piece that walked with America through some of its hardest years. First issued in 1916, the Silver Walking Liberty grooved in the roaring twenties, spoke softly in speakeasies, lifted up the nation during the Great Depression, and stormed the beaches in World War II.  Last struck in 1947, this United States half dollar is regarded by experts as being the most beautiful U.S silver coin in history.  Sadly, many of these beautiful American silver half dollars were melted down in several mad grabs for silver in the years between 1946 till now.  Those that are still around though have a rich and full history behind them.  The Silver Walking Liberty is an American numismatic icon and a must in any discerning collectors collection.