When people think of United States coinage, they normally think of silver dollars, half-dollars, and quarters. However, there is another denomination with its own rich history that is often overlooked. Although five cent nickel coins weren’t utilized until 1833 with the issue of the Shield type nickel, there are a plethora of different nickel designs to choose from. From the Buffalo nickel to the Jefferson nickel, and more, you could make an entire collection based solely on United States Nickel coins. Browse our extensive Nickel collection to find the perfect fit for your collection and scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the ubiquitous five-cent piece.

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Jefferson Nickel

When someone says “United States Nickel” the coin that instantly comes to mind is the Jefferson Nickel. This nickel is still in circulation today and has been America’s five cent piece of choice since 1938 when a man named Felix Schlag won a competition to replace the design.  There are many different qualities and styles of the Jefferson Nickel from proof varieties (both Silver and Clad) which are found in annual Mint sets, to the actual circulating coinage that jangles in the pockets of Americans across the country. Through diligent work, you can purchase entire Jefferson Nickel collections across many decades and eras.  While you can scour the world looking for Jefferson Nickels to try and build your own Jefferson Nickel collection from the coinage in circulation, it will likely take you many years to do so. Take the guess work out of the equation and peruse our Nickel offerings today!

Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo Nickel is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Americana, history, or numismatics.  The Buffalo Nickel was first struck and put into circulation in 1913 and was the nickel in circulation during World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and went out of circulation just before the beginning of World War II.  The Buffalo Nickel also has two different variants, one where the Buffalo is standing on a mound of dirt known as the type 1 variety, and another without the mound, known as the type 2 variety.  The “with mound” nickel coins were only issued for one year, 1913, as the mound was so pronounced that the monetary denomination kept getting rubbed off so finding those in good condition is rare.  Also, in celebration of the 100th Buffalo Nickel anniversary, there are entire Buffalo Nickel bags out there, holding one full pound of Buffalo Nickels from all eras. 

Liberty Nickels

Before the era of the Buffalo Nickel and the Jefferson Nickel, there were two other five cent nickel pieces issued by the Untied States Mint. First came the Shield Nickel, which was only utilized from 1866-1883. The next design, the Liberty Nickel, held the title of America’s primary five cent coin for over thirty years.  Struck and put into circulation in 1883, the Liberty Nickel had a slight controversy around its denomination for the first year.  See, while the obverse of the coin shows a bust of Lady Liberty, the reverse shows a stylized Roman numeral “V” for five.  The problem?  The word “Cents” was not placed anywhere on the nickel coins, so it became very easy for people with less than good morals quickly took advantage of the mistake by gold plating these coins and passing them off as five DOLLARS as opposed to cents.  The mistake was quickly rectified, but not before some of the plated Liberty Nickels made their way in to the market. 

Buy in Bulk

Not only are there many different types of United States Nickels to choose from, but you can get them in a variety of quantities as well.  With nickel rolls that hold from 10-40 different nickels, you can easily start say a buffalo nickel collection, or complete a Jefferson nickel collection. If you prefer the thrill of the hunt and sorting through change for potential treasures, there is always the nickel bag. Lastly, there are Proof sets that contain proof quality versions of every denomination of the circulated coinage of that year.  With a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and silver dollar, the proof sets give the best quality for these circulating coins.