American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle 1 oz silver coin is legal tender in the United States, and is the official silver bullion coin of the U.S. Mint. The Silver Eagle has a face value of one dollar, but is independently traded on its silver content and for other factors like mintage and condition. According to the United States Mint, bullion American Silver Eagles are the only silver bullion coins whose weight and purity are guaranteed by the United States government. Uncirculated Silver Eagles are produced at three mints: West Point, San Francisco, and Philadelphia Mints. In addition to the bullion version, the U.S. Mint also produces burnished uncirculated and proof versions specially struck for collectors. Learn more about US Mint Silver Eagles.

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Silver Eagles

Due to its one dollar face value, the Silver Eagle is often considered the modern-day version of the silver dollar. With Silver American Eagles being one of the most collected series, it's no surprise that the annual limited supply has historically been met with high demand, for each yearly issue. Some back-dated Silver Eagle issues may be difficult to find, and may carry numismatic premiums.

Silver has historically been one of the most affordable precious metals. Since 1986, the United States has minted one-dollar silver coins called American Eagle Silver Dollars or simply, Silver Eagles. Each Silver Eagle coin contains 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Over 300 million Silver Eagles have been struck to date.

The American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin is:

    • Loved and sought after by both silver enthusiasts and coin collectors.
    • Contain 99.9% pure silver.
    • One troy ounce - Legal tender.
    • The classic Walking Liberty design is considered one of the most beautiful coins ever struck.
    • It's the only silver bullion coin whose weight and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government.

There's not just one kind of American Silver Eagle. The wide array that has been issued throughout the last four decades made collecting endlessly fun and interesting. The American Eagle Coin program also releases annual gold, platinum, and palladium Eagles as well.

American Eagle Silver Dollars:

    • An affordable precious metal.
    • America's most popular silver dollar.
    • A lifetime of collecting enjoyment.

The Start of the American Silver Eagle Legacy:

The American Eagle bullion coin was authorized by Congress in the Liberty Coin Act of 1985. This legislation was conceived and enacted to provide investors with a safe, simple means for investing in precious metals. The American Silver Eagle was first minted in 1986, with its date on the obverse. On October 29, 1986, a striking ceremony held in San Francisco, were the very first coin was struck, when Secretary of the Treasury, James A. Baker III, proclaimed, “I don't need a pick and shovel to start the San Francisco Silver Rush of 1986,”as he pushed the start button on coin press No. 105, and the rest is history.

Why Collect American Silver Eagle Coins?

People buy American Silver Eagle coins for two reasons: collecting and stacking. Collectors love Silver Eagles, because they're simply beautiful, especially Silver Eagle proof coins and Uncirculated Silver Eagles. Many collectors seek to assemble a complete set of American Silver Eagle coins by acquiring a coin from every year of mintage, 1986 to the present. As for silver collectors, historically, the legacy of Silver goes back as far back as 4,000 years ago as a means of exchange used to buy and sell goods over the centuries. Today, silver has been one of the most affordable precious metals.

Iconic Design of the American Silver Eagle Coin

The Obverse of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Silver American Eagles are rich in history. The obverse is based on the historic design by Adolph A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty” silver half-dollar from 1916 to 1947, an immensely popular design amongst modern U.S. coinage. Seven decades later, Weinman’s quintessential design was revived for the American Silver Eagle in 1986. The obverse of the American Silver Eagle features Lady Liberty’s figure in left-profile relief, as she walks toward the setting sun on the horizon, carrying oak and laurel branches in her left arm, with her right hand outstretched toward the horizon, with the American flag draped over her shoulders. The inscriptions “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST,” appear on the obverse of the coin along with the mintage date.

The Reverse of the American Silver Eagle Coin

The Silver Eagle name receives its moniker due to the reverse of the coin, which was designed by the talented modern-day engraver, John Mercanti, and portrays a heraldic eagle behind a shield, displaying American strength and pride. The heraldic eagle design has been used on American coinage since the beginning of the U.S. Mint in 1792.  This modern design is a powerful bald eagle with outstretched wings, and the national shield on its breast. The majestic eagle clutches the arrows of war in one talon and the olive branch of peace in the other, echoing the Great Seal of the United States, signifying strength through peace. The ribbon in the eagle’s beak has the phrase “E Pluribus Unum,” which is Latin for "Out of many, one."  Thirteen 13 stars arranged in a triangle above the eagle’s head, representing America’s original 13 colonies, the inscribed phrases, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” and “1 OZ. FINE SILVER~ONE DOLLAR” also appear on this face. The artist's initials, “JM," appears just below the arrows, as well as the mintmark if applicable just below the olive branch. Silver Eagle coins are struck in .999 fine silver and weigh one Troy ounce (31.103 grams). Silver American Eagles have a diameter measuring 40.6mm, with 2.98mm in thickness, and a reeded edge.

Silver Eagle DesignSilver Eagle Design

Updates To The American Silver Eagle Design

The United States Mint has revealed that a new reverse design will appear on American Silver Eagles starting in mid-2021. 

The updated silver eagle coin reverse still features a bald eagle, but this time, the eagle is in flight and about to land. The eagle grasps an oak branch between its claws (a symbol of strength and independence). The obverse will continue to feature the timeless “Walking Liberty” design that debuted in 1916. This is an exciting and much-anticipated update for many collectors. Learn More about the new 2021 silver eagle design here.

How Much Silver is in a Silver Eagle?

Each American eagle coin contains one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.  Weighing 31.101 grams, Silver Eagles are composed of .999 fine silver and .001 copper for a total net weight of 1 ounce pure silver. The price of silver has a direct impact on the value of the silver eagle coin, making these beautiful coins even more appealing to many collectors. In addition to their face value and numismatic value, silver eagles are also widely popular because of their silver content.

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