Sports Coins

In recent years, collectible sports coins have seen an uptick in interest from numerous well-respected mints. These coins have given collectors new opportunities to bring two of their favorite hobbies together, but they are far from the first such opportunities. Olympic sports coins and sets have generated tremendous interest from niche audiences for decades. Below are some fantastic examples of pieces from within this category.

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Hall of Fame Coins

Some of the most popular sports commemorative coins in recent years were released by the United States Mint in 2014. Gold, silver, and clad coins were released to mark the 75th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame. These were the first ever domed coins from the United States Mint. The curvature integrated beautifully into the designs on both faces, concave for a glove and convex for a ball. The coins are perfect for fans of America’s favorite pastime.

Olympic Coins

A niche within a niche, Olympic coins provide tremendous variety to collectors. These coins are frequently issued by Olympic host nations in advance of their respective Games. However, in some cases, they are also issued by non-hosts as well. These coins, which have sometimes been issued individually and sometimes in sets, are often sold with premiums that support national Olympic committees and/or host organizations.

One of the attractive aspects of Olympic issues is that they come from an array of countries. With the notable exception of lunar series, coins from different countries seldom have common subjects. Coins struck for the Olympics often feature the same events and ceremonies. Accordingly, they give collectors the opportunity to focus on their favorite events.

Some of the greatest examples of Olympic issues came from the US Mint when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic. An Olympic track coin celebrates one of the marquis sports of the Games, depicting two runners competing in a race that had a tight finish. Other coins issued for the Atlanta Games featured cycling and swimming, two disciplines in which several events are contested.

While sports and countries provide most of the variety for Olympic issues, venues are also remembered. Also issued in advance of the ’96 Games was a 1995-W Olympic Stadium $5 Gold piece. The coin features Olympic Stadium and perhaps the most famous symbol of the tradition, the torch. The stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as Athletics events throughout the two-week showcase.