Vintage Silver

The United States Mint has been issuing silver coins since 1792. While some of their most innovative and recognizable pieces have been released in recent years, many of their vintage silver issues are attractive to collectors, not only for their precious metal content and beautiful designs, but also for their historical significance. Coins from bygone eras provide a physical connection with the past and the people who would have used, or collected, them on a regular basis.  This Vintage Silver category will feature classic collectible American coinage that ranges from the mighty Morgan Dollar to special commemorative issues and even circulating coinage. Keep reading below to learn about the many Vintage Silver product options waiting to be added to your collection.

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  1. 1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS/NGC MS64

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Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars, struck from 1878 until 1921, are one of the most popular large Silver Dollars released by the United States Mint. Designed by the legendary George T. Morgan, these coins would have circulated during the days of the American frontier. This category generally features a wide variety of Morgans, both raw and graded. Some of these vintage Morgan Dollars feature special pedigrees like the Great Montana Collection or the remarkable New York Bank Hoard pedigree.  These Morgan Silver Dollars are also available in various sets featuring coins from a specific mint, like the world famous Carson City facility, the rough-and-tumble New Orleans Mint or the fabled Gray Lady herself, the San Francisco Mint.

The Peace Dollar and Vintage Commemorative Coins

Other vintage silver coins include the iconic Peace Dollar, available in circulated grades through raw and third party-graded Mint State examples. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, these classic silver dollars saw America go from a booming economy in the 1920s to the depths of the Great Depression in 1935. This category will also feature a stunning selection of Classic American silver commemoratives dating from 1892 when the coins of the Columbian Exposition were struck to the final classic U.S. vintage silver commemorative the 1954 half dollar celebrating Booker T. Washington and George W. Carver. Of course, GovMint also offers all the other halves in the series, including the classic coins commemorating the Oregon Trail, Stone Mountain, the American Sesquicentennial and others, as market conditions allow.

Vintage Coins Sets

In addition to offering historic silver dollars, this category is also where you will find vintage sets commemorating a specific year or historical event, like the Korean War, World War 2 or the Stock Market Crash of 1929.  These sets will consist of coins that circulated at the time giving collectors a feel for what the average American had in their pocket at the time. These sets could consist of 90% circulating silver coins and the corresponding copper cents and nickels circulating at the time.  These iconic coins tell the story of America through the ages. Whether you are looking for Seated Liberty silver coins in all denominations from the 19th Century, the popular Barber Dimes, Quarters and Halves or the breathtaking Walking Liberty and “Mercury” designs of Adolph Weinman and the timeless Standing Liberty series from Hermon MacNeil, the vintage silver section has something for you.

Other Vintage Silver

This vintage silver section also contains more familiar designs, like those from the classic Washington Quarter, the Roosevelt dime for your birth year sets for beloved elders. And early American Classics like Capped Bust coinage.

This vintage silver category also contains spectacular items from our award-winning Scarce and Unique Coin Division. These items can include rare early American coins like the Flowing Hair dollar, vintage medals and low mintage rarities.