18th Century–2003 Vietnam 8-pc Coin Set

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Explore the History of Vietnam

The nation of Vietnam has a long and storied history – and this wonderful 8-coin set takes you step by step through an exciting numismatic journey through the centuries. From its exotic animals like tigers, pythons, elephants and gibbons to the graceful and powerful Hindu and Buddhist temples that seemingly rise from its jungles, it’s easy to see why some of have referred to Vietnam as the Pearl of the Orient.

Vietnam was originally an independent country long before being colonized by the French. During World War II, the country was occupied by Japan before returning to French control. Then in 1954 France surrendered to the forces of Ho Chi Minh. Eventually, Vietnam separated into northern and southern provinces, with the communists maintaining control of the North while the United States backed the South. History tells us the horrific results of that divide.

These coins tell a full and interesting history of Vietnam through copper, bronze, aluminum, and nickel-clad coins. Difficult to assemble on one’s own, this set comes beautifully housed in a wooden presentation case with a detailed storycard. Each coin will come sealed in its own individual numismatic capsule – perfect to examine up close as you explore the rich history of Vietnam. Secure yours today!

Country Vietnam
Composition Copper, Clad, Aluminum, Bronze
Condition Circulated
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Various
Dimensions Various