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 A Brief History of the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is situated in Western Australia. It originally opened as a branch of the British Royal Mint in 1899 and did not transfer to the authority of the Western Australia government until 1970, nearly 70 years after Australian Federation. Today, Perth Mint coins are some of the most desirable annual issues among collectors throughout the world. In fact, many collectors place the mint’s products at the top of their priority lists every year. Whether it is Perth Mint silver coins, gold coins, or bars, this gem down under continues to innovate and awe hobbyists of all ages. No collector should be without at least a few pieces from this iconic source.

Coins and Bars

One of the things that sets this mint apart from many other government mints is that it strikes both coins and bars. The bars typically feature the mint’s logo, which itself features a stunning swan design. The facility offers both minted and cast bars in a variety of weights, thus catering to the tastes of an even wider variety of collectors. Perth Mint bars and coins meet some of the highest standards of the industry. So vast are the product offerings that collectors who limit themselves to the products of just this mint can still enjoy a variety of themes and presentations.

Kookaburras and Koalas

The famous Silver Kookaburra Series has been a mainstay of the Perth Mint since its debut in 1990. The collection, which offers a new design every year, has captivated the imaginations of collectors by displaying one of the issuing country’s natural treasures in a variety of ways. So simple yet stunning, the designs make the coin annual favorites among collectors, with many making it a point to get at least one of these relatively low mintage bullion issues every year.

In 2007, a second annual silver series began with the Koala. This better-known Australian animal has proven an excellent way for parents to share their favorite hobby with young children while also captivating collectors of all ages with its one year only designs. While this series has yet to catch the Kookaburra in popularity, the collections adorable designs suggest that it may just be a matter of time until this series gains parity with its older cousin.

The Silver Emu

The Australia Silver Emu coin debuted in 2018. These new Perth Mint coins brought new life – and an exceptional level of scarcity – to bullion. For the first two years of the series, a strict mintage cap of just 30,000 pieces, less than a tenth that of the Kookaburra, was imposed. Still young, this series already promises to be both coveted and elusive.

Anniversary Coins

The Western Australia facility places a heavy emphasis on history. Accordingly, anniversary themes are common from the Perth Mint. Two 2019 anniversary coins celebrated 50 years from the Apollo 11 mission and 40 years since the debut of the movie Alien. This mix of serious history with popular culture represents the versatility of this revered facility.


Perth Mint gold and silver coins are among the most prized pieces of collectors throughout the world. The mint has built for itself an outstanding reputation of bringing together some of the most beautiful designs in numismatics with execution that is second to none. Its annual Gold Nugget, Silver Kookaburra, and Silver Koala series each have loyal followings, and its Lunar Year series offers collectors new subjects every year. Countless other issues on a wide variety of themes turn new and experienced collectors into fans of this beloved mint on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn more about the Mint and browse our extensive assortment of their high-quality products.