Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle

An astounding collaboration occurred in 2014. Arguably one of the most skilled numismatic designer of modern times, John M. Mercanti, the former Chief Engraver of the United States Mint was beckoned out of retirement to partner with Australia’s world famous Perth Mint and to create the iconic and wildly popular Silver Wedge Tailed Eagle series. Over the course of its issuance, not one, but four striking John Mercanti designs have appeared on the series. Some designs repeat for more than one year, while others are unique, one-year only designs. Keep reading to learn more about Australia’s premier Eagle series and to browse our inventory below.

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The Series

The Wedged-Tail Eagle is featured in Australia the way the Bald Eagle is featured in America: as a timeless symbol of strength, national pride and Freedom. Who better to design classic imagery featuring eagles than John Mercanti? He spent a career at the U.S. Mint designing eagles for numismatic issues. No other designer captures the majesty and power of the eagle than Mr. Mercanti. The reverse design changes most, but not all years, showcasing the many moods and habitats of the Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle.

From 2014-2015, the design featured a Wedged-Tail Eagle about to land, while from 2016-2017, the design featured an Eagle upon a perch. In 2018, the design that depicted a full family of Eagles only appeared for one year before transitioning to a Wedged-Tail Eagle soaring in the sky about to snatch its prey in 2019. The design for 2020 had not yet been revealed.

The series is struck to proof quality, in a standard strike, in ultra high relief and in standard relief and in a variety of sizes. Many issues in the series enjoy limited mintages as well.

The Perth Mint

Australia’s Perth Mint is a recognized leader in the bullion and numismatic market today. Their technical expertise is coupled with artistic skill which together produce some of the most widely collected modern coinage on the planet.
They began operations in 1899 as part of the British Royal Mint system.

John M. Mercanti

Mr. Mercanti is the most prolific and talented engraver-designer in the history of the United States. He is responsible for designing over 100 numismatic items including medals, commemoratives and circulating coinage. He was the 12th person to occupy the post of Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. To refer to him as a living legend in the field of numismatics is simply a statement of fact.