Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is synonymous with Canadian coinage, both circulating and collectible.  Known for their constant innovation of minting techniques along with supremely high standards for quality, the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most renowned Mints in the world. Releases from the Great White North are characterized by truly impressive metal content and intricate designs that keep collectors coming back for more. As a member of the British Commonwealth, most of the coins from the Royal Canadian Mint show portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she is the official Head of State of Canada. From their signature Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf series to commemoratives coin releases, and their Canadian Predator series, the Royal Canadian Mint has a vast array of different coins to choose from. No extensive coin collection should be without at least one issue from Canada and their premier Mint. Keep reading to learn more about this global numismatic giant and to add a little bit of the Great White North to your collection.

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Maple Leaf

Perhaps the most recognizable releases from the Royal Canadian Mint is their Gold and Silver Maple Leaf bullion series, which are released every year. The Gold Maple Leaf was first struck in 1979 and is currently one of the leading gold bullion coins in the world.  The Silver Maple Leaf followed in 1988.

As an innovator in numismatics, the Royal Canadian Mint puts the best technology has to offer into innovating their traditional coins series as well as generating new releases.  Since 2014, both Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins have had laser engraved micro-maple leaf additions added on their reverse. Radial lines were also added that make the coin series hard to counterfeit, ensuring the authenticity of the actual releases from the Mint. The Gold Maple Leaf was the first ever gold bullion coin to achieve this purity level, but not until 1982 when the series transitioned from .999 fine gold to .9999 fine gold.  The Royal Canadian Mint would go on to strike special edition Gold Maple Leafs with a record .99999 fine purity.

Great Seal of Canada

The Great Seal of Canada Proof is a coin that is both beautiful and historic.  Meant to pay homage to Canada’s rich history as part of the British Empire while also celebrating Canada’s formation as an independent nation, the Great Seal of Canada Proof combines an ultra-high relief to accentuate the gold-plated details with proof finish silver fields.  The reverse of the coin shows Queen Elizabeth II sitting on her coronation throne wearing her crown and holding her scepter and orb.  Around the outside of the reverse is an inscription saying “ELIZABETH II,” and “QUEEN OF CANADA/REINE DU CANADA.” 

The Great Seal of Canada Silver Proof Coin has a limited mintage of only 6,000 and is struck in the Royal Canadian Mint style “four nine” .9999 pure silver.  As the largest nation in terms of landmass within the British Commonwealth, the Royal Canadian Mint uses the Great Seal of Canada Proof to honor their history while looking towards the future with the whole of the British Commonwealth by their side!

Canadian Silver Goose

The Canadian Goose is a large bird that migrates between the United States and Canada, in a way, uniting the nations together with one majestic waterfowl.  The Royal Canadian Mint has a special, 3D, colorized Canadian Silver Goose to honor the bird.  $20 legal Canadian tender, the Canadian Silver Goose follows the Royal Canadian Mint’s methods of using incredible techniques with the latest technology to make the Canadian goose on the reverse of the coin fully colorized and 3D!

Canadian Monarch

Another colorized coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Monarch coin captures the beauty and brilliance of the monarch butterfly and combines it with the intricacy that the Royal Canadian Mint is known for.  On the obverse of the coin is a bust of Queen Elizabeth II pressed against a curved weave of maple leaves.  This web-like design of maple leaves gives the coin’s surface a spherical appearance.  On the reverse of the Canadian Monarch coin is a beautiful, delicate, fully colorized monarch butterfly fluttering between two plants.  It is truly a sight to behold.

Canadian Timberwolf

There are many places within Canada that are largely untouched by man, and in all those places, one animal predator reigns supreme.  The Canadian Timberwolf travels in packs and knows that teamwork is key to any successful hunt.  Dominating whatever territory, they please, Canadian Timberwolves are not afraid to make their presence known through their fierce howling.  This Canadian silver coin utilizes a scallop shaped design, making it stand out from the rest of the Royal Canadian Mint’s other coins.  Holding a $20 legal tender, the Canadian Timberwolf coin captures the majesty and power of these apex hunters against the mirror-like fields of a proof coin.