Canada Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is one of the world’s most popular sources of coins and the primary producer of coins from Canada. In addition to its famous Gold and Silver Canadian Maple Leafs, the Mint regularly strikes coins on a wide variety of themes. These themes range from natural scenery and animals to sports and historic figures and events. Behind all of these Canadian coins is an exceptional commitment to quality that results in coins that routinely ‘wow’ collectors. Every collection of world coins should include at least a few pieces from this highly respected source. Keep reading to learn more about coins from the Great White North and to browse our offerings below.  

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Toronto Maple Leaf Coin

Officially, lacrosse is Canada’s national sport, but hockey flows through the veins of every proud Canadian. The national sport is a point of pride, as the country routinely puts in outstanding performances in international competitions. Its NHL teams have ardent followings, so it is fitting that Canda would produce coins to honor these teams. One of the most famous among them is the half ounce silver Toronto Maple Leafs coin, which it struck in 2017. The coin’s matte finish and colorized look brings collectors back to their childhood days of playing hockey in the streets under the during dark winter evenings.

Eyes of the Timber Wolf Proof

The vast Canadian wilderness includes 30% of the world’s forest land. This land is home to countless species of plants and animals of all sizes. One of the most beautiful – and dangerous – creatures of the woods is the timber wolf. In 2017, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a 1 kg silver coin that featured this powerful creature. The coin shows its face, complete with gold toned enamel that brings life to its eyes, which look to the left of the holder. The coin is perfect for animal lovers, as well as those looking for a large piece with unique design elements that are sure to impress anyone who takes a close look.

A Stunning Voyageurs Release

Voyageurs were French Canadians who traveled by canoe peddling furs over long distances. They are Canadian folk heroes, immortalized in song and legend. In 2017, The Royal Canadian Mint issued a one-ounce silver coin honoring these men. The following year, the mint released a lesser known 1 kg piece that is even more stunning. Mintage of the antiqued coin, which was the first ever concave oval issue from the mint, was capped at just 400 pieces. This exclusive issue is available at, but only for customers who call-in to place their orders.

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals are made in Wattens, Austria through a secret process known only to a few people in the company. The recipes and proportions that go into the crystals have enabled the company’s product to earn global recognition as some of the finest in the world. These crystals combine both stunning color and precise shaping that add beauty to anything into which they are incorporated.

The Royal Canadian Mint is among a handful of mints that bring Swarovski crystal into some of its products. One example of such a piece is the 2017 $3 Silver Celebration of Love Proof. The coin features a pair of colorful butterflies standing on a 6 mm heart-shaped Swarovski crystal. The crystal integrated beautifully with the butterflies to create a unique shine.

Natural Beauty, Vivid Color

Canada's natural beauty is emphasized with some of the country's colorized issues. Examples of this include the Arctic Animals and Northern Lights series and the Great Outdoors Series. The former features animals and the latter people, both against backdrops of breathtaking scenery.