Silver Pandas

The annual relase of China’s headlining silver coin, the Silver Panda, is highly anticipated by collectors and stackers around the world. This silver bullion series is on par with other silver world coins such as the Australian Silver Kookaburra and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.  Each Chinese Silver Panda is struck in .999 pure silver and holds a 10 Yuan legal tender. This series boasts annually changing reverse designs, each of which features the iconic Chinese bear portrayed in various ways. For example, the 2017 Silver Panda had the design of a single panda munching on its favorite food, bamboo, while the 2019 Silver Panda had a panda looking over one of its young. Conversely, the obverse always depicts the Temple of Heaven. A notable event in the history of the Chinese Silver Panda series was the transition from metric units, like the troy ounce, to grams in 2016. With stunning designs featuring one of the most unique animals on the planet, the Chinese Silver Panda series is sure to thrill for years to come. Scroll below to learn more about this series, including special issue Silver Pandas as well as the China Mint's recent Moon Panda series. 

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Moon Festival Pandas

Introduced in 2015, Moon Festival Pandas are a special, exclusive release from the China Mint. Celebrating the Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, this series represents a time of the year where people all across China gather together with family to give thanks, eat food, and pray for fortune, while looking forward towards the rest of the year.  This time also brings about the striking of a very special Silver Panda, one that is designed with unique flare each year. For example, the 2017 Moon Festival 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda had a holographic pool of water, reminiscent of the reflection of a full moon on a lake.  The 2018 Moon Festival 1 oz. Chinese silver panda coin utilized a piece of white jade as an immaculate, reflective moon, and in 2019, the series is evoking the Blood Moon, by embeding a peice of red jade onto the face of the coin. The Moon Festival Panda series offer a unique, elegant twist on the standard Panda design, and has been generally well-received by collectors.

Special Releases

An incredible addition to the Panda family of silver coins was the product of a partnership between the Chinese Mint and the Smithsonian National Zoo located in the United States.  In celebration of the 40-year anniversary of the Smithsonian receiving their first Giant Panda’s from the Chinese government, specially themed coins were issued. Struck in .999 fine silver, these Smithsonian Silver Panda coins celebrate not only the anniversary of the first pandas to the Smithsonian, but also to the birth of two giant pandas, Bei Bei and Bao Bao.  These two furry little pandas were received by a massive celebration as the Giant Panda population is incredible low and mating can be notoriously difficult.  Not only do these coins celebrate momentous occasions, but their mintages are extremely low in comparison to the rest of the series.

Since 1983, China has minted a new one-ounce Silver Panda coin every year. With only one exception, each year features a brand new one-year-only panda design, which makes collecting the silver series endlessly interesting and fun to search out. China Silver Pandas are among the most popular coins in the world. Each China Silver Panda coin contains one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The China Silver Panda is traditionally issued in stunning Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. China doesn't only issue Silver Pandas, they also strike a variety of Gold Pandas as well. Since 2010, the China Mint has issued elite gold and silver pandas bearing the coveted mint authorized first strike pedigree. China Silver Pandas: 99.9% pure silver, one troy ounce official Chinese legal tender, and the new one-year-only panda designs make it a collector favorite. China Silver Panda: The world's most affordable precious metal, one of the world's most popular silver coins, and a lifetime of collecting enjoyment.