Queen's Beasts

During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, Her Majesty had 10 different Heraldic Beasts guarding the entrance to Westminster Abbey to watch over her reign as Queen.  From the Lion of England, to the Red Dragon of Wales, and even the Yale of Beaufort, these beasts, both mythical and real, represent the Queen’s regal lineage and the statues watch over Queen Elizabeth II and her reign to this day.  In honor of these mighty beasts, The Royal Mint struck a silver and gold coin series titled the “The Queen’s Beasts.”  The series, first struck in 2017, started with the iconic Lion of England. The Mint will release two additions to the series a year until the entire set of ten beasts is completed.  Queen’s Beast gold, silver, and platinum coins are struck with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth the II on the obverse, and feature a different one of the legendary beasts on the reverse. Keep reading to learn more about this popular series, what these Beasts symbolize, and to see what issues we have in stock, waiting to be added to your collection.

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Lion of England

The introductory issue of the Queen’s Beasts series was the Lion of England.  Dating back over a 1,000 years ago to Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, the Lion represents England itself and is often used as a symbol of courage, strength, pride, and dignity.  The 2017 Queen’s Beast Lion was struck on two ounces of pure silver, all the way up to a full kilo of the same purity. This striking entry to the series is also available in .9999 pure gold and .9995 pure platinum. The design features the Lion of England roaring ferociously as it guards the English Coat of Arms.

Unicorn of Scotland

The second coin in the Queens Beast coinseries is the Unicorn of Scotland.  Acting as the partner to the Lion of England, the Unicorn of Scotland was first added to the Royal Arms by King James I of England, who received the crown in 1603, as a show of the union between Scotland and England.  The Queen’s Beast Unicorn of Scotland, struck in 99.9% silver, is depicted rearing back on its hind legs, holding up the Royal Arms of Scotland, a red lion.

Red Dragon of Wales

The third release of the Queen’s Beast coin series is the ferocious Red Dragon of Wales. The dragon is seen as a symbol of power, sovereignty, and even divinity across the world, so it’s no wonder that this mythical beast is a part of the history of one of the largest empires in the world.  The Queen’s Beast Dragon is holding onto the Royal Arms of Wales with its fangs and claws ready to strike at any threat to the crown.

Black Bull of Clarence

Next in line for the Queen’s Beast’s series is the Black Bull of Clearance.  Added to Queen Elizabeth II’s lineage through King Edward IV who overcame the Lancastrian challenge during the War of the Roses, the Black Bull represents ferocity and might.  Struck as both gold and silver coinage, as well as platinum, the design features a Black Bull bucking overtop the Royal Arms of Clearance.

Yale of Beaufort

The fifth of the Queen’s Beast coins is the Yale of Beaufort.  The Yale, a mythical creature with the tail of an elephant, the jaws of a boar, and a white body covered in white spots, is seen as a symbol of defense and protection.  Available in gold, platinum, and silver, the Yale stands guard over the Royal Arms of Beaufort.

Falcon of the Plantagenets

The next addition to the Queen’s Beast coin series is the Falcon of the Plantagenets. The Falcon is used as a symbol of royalty as Kings oftentimes kept these majestic hunting birds as status symbols.  The Queen’s Beast Falcon holds the Royal Arms of the house of the Plantagenets and is available in the same varities of the rest of the series. 

Yet to be released in the series, the White Horse of Hanover, the White Lion of Mortimer, and the White Greyhound of Richmond, are still to come in this historical Queens Beasts coin series released by the Royal Mint!