Mexico Mint Coins

Established in Mexico in 1535 when the Spanish Crown wanted to create the first ever mint in the Americas. La Casa de Moneda de México has continued to strike incredible gold and silver bullion coins ever since. Originally utilized just to circulate coinage through the Spanish colonies, the Mexico Mint now has some of the most sought-after coinage in the world.  From the silver Libertad, to the 50 Pesos Gold Coin, the Gold Libertad, and the 8 Reales coin, the Mexico Mint has a wide variety of quality numismatic releases available to collectors all around the world. Keep reading to learn more about the Mint and its most popular releases below.

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    1863 Mexico 8 Reales NGC - Genuine Southern Dollar

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Mexican Silver Libertad

Beauty meets nationalism and freedom with the Mexico Silver Libertad.  Made to celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain, the Libertad depicts the Winged Victory, a statue that resides in Mexico City, watching over its inhabitants and all the lands around it.  The obverse of the Silver Libertad shows the iconic symbol of Mexico: an eagle with a snake in its talons atop a cactus.  The Silver Libertad is the forerunner of the Mexican mint and a symbol for the people of Mexico. Since its debut in 1982, the Libertad has become a highly anticipated yearly release for collectors of world coins.

Mexican Silver is renowned for its quality, beauty, and consistency and the Silver Libertad exemplifies these qualities. Another unique aspect of the Silver Libertad is that it lacks a legal tender amount.  Although it is government issued, they have no peso denomination associated to them.  Silver Libertads do, however, carry a government guarantee to pay their weight in the metal purity stamped into the coin’s surface.

Alongside the silver Libertad is its gold counterpart.  The Gold Libertad holds all the symbolism and majesty of the silver Libertad, as it bears the same design, but struck in striking gold.  Both the Silver Libertad and the gold libertad are annually struck with a proof finish for collectors in addition to its standard uncirculated issue, along with a variety of sizes. The largest Libertad is a 1-kilo Silver Libertad which, as its name would suggest, contains 1 kilogram of silver and has a significantly lower mintage than the 1 troy ounce counterpart. 

Mexico 8 Reales

While its roots lie within Mexico itself, the 8 Reales coin has a history intricately woven into that of America.  During the Civil War, the Confederacy was cut off from the usual coinage that they received from the North.  Without anywhere to look, the Confederacy started importing Mexican 8 Reales coin.  Known as “Cap and Ray” coins due to the Liberty cap and sun rays on the obverse, the Mexican 8 Reales coin competed with the Morgan Silver dollar for a time and was foundational in during the bloodiest war in American history, granting them a second moniker “Confederate Silver Dollars” as they helped keep the Confederacy in the war longer than they would have otherwise.  The reverse sees the symbol of Mexico, an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its talons, in all of its glory.  The Mexican 8 Reales coin acts as a historical piece, a piece of Americana, and a distinctly Mexican issue, all in one.