Isle of Man Coins

The Isle of Man is a small island that rests between Ireland and England.  Coins issued from the Isle of Man are struck at a variety of Mints and are the result of constant innovation, allowing the small Commonwealth  to boast numerous numismatic firsts.  Not only are the designs stunning, but many of their coins are rich with cultural history such at the 2019 cross shaped Mannanan coin, designed after the mythical first king of the Isle of Man.  In 2015, the Isle of Man issued a coin paying homage to the longest reigning monarch in the last 1,200 years. From the first seven-sided coin with edge inscriptions to utilizing CIT’s Smartminting© technology to give its coins incredible definition and detail, Isle of Man coins are always pushing the boundaries of numismatics. Keep reading to learn more about some of the Isle of Mann’s most recognizable coins series, like the Angel and the Noble, and to browse our inventory below.

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Gold and Silver Angels

Angel designs have been struck on coins for hundreds of years and by a variety of Mints. Such designs are often thought to symbolize luck and fortune. The first gold Angel coin dates to Edward IV in 1465 and was based of a previous French issue that featured Archangel Micheal fighting a dragon. The Isle of Man series was initially struck in platinum beginning in 1984, while a Silver variety began being issued in 1995. Struck by the Pobjoy Mint from its introduction in 1995 until 2016, the Silver Isle of Man Angel Series continues to this day.

The 2017 Isle of Man Gold and Silver Angles share the same design of the classic image of Saint Michael slaying a dragon, but were struck by Coin Invest Trust (CIT), using their  smartminting© technology.  The artwork depicts archangel Michael, a symbol of peace, hope, and goodness, slaying a dragon which commonly plays the part of evil, chaos, and destruction. 

The reverse depicts the queen of England in stunning detail as well.  Both the 2017 Gold Angels and 2017 Silver Angels come in many different sizes, making it affordable for anyone to add this classic design to their collection.


The Isle of Man’s Noble series perfectly combines the Isle of Man’s rich history with a beautiful design.  Originally issued as a platinum recreation of English Nobles, the Isle of Man series boasted being the first platinum bullion coin intended for investors. Struck by the Pobjoy Mint from 1983 to 1989, the design featured a Viking ship cutting through waves on a journey across the sea, calling back to the lineage of the Celtic culture of the island.  Since the introduction of the Platinum series in 1983, this iconic design has also been issued as gold and silver coins, with some changes and special issues in between. In 2018, the mintage of the Silver Isle of Man annual proof coin was only 15,000.