Niue Coins

When one thinks of commemorative coins, the big mints of China, Canada, and the United States come to mind. However, did you know that some of the most collectible coins in the world come from a very small island in the middle of the South Pacific? That’s right, Silver coins from Niue have a large collector following, because the range of collectible coins span from traditional commemorative designs to cartoon themes like Disney, to fantasy themes like Star Wars, and much more. Coins are minted in both Niue silver and Niue gold with colorized finishes that make the coins come to life. This small Pacific island has become a big player in the global coin collecting market with its innovative designs and finishes, making this Niue currency very desirable. Keep reading to browse our extensive Niue selection and learn more about the island nation and the coins that it produces.

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The Island of Niue

Niue is a small South Pacific island surrounded within a triangle by the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Tonga, just around 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand. The remote island has only about 100 square miles of land mass, with a Polynesian population of about 1,600. Niue is one of the world's largest coral islands, and was traditionally known as the "Rock of Polynesia." The island today is commonly called "The Rock," meaning, "Behold the Coconut," in the Niuean language.

The New Zealand Dollar

Niue only uses one official legal tender currency, the New Zealand dollar, because Niue is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand. Before the creation of the New Zealand dollar, Niue used the pound or shilling increments in its early commemorative coins. Although today, the Niue dollar is mainly used for collector's coins and does not circulate widely, it is also official legal tender fixed equally with the New Zealand dollar. Niue coins are only minted for the purpose of collection under the New Zealand dollar denomination. Niue coins are considered “NIFC” (Not Intended for Circulation) coins, produced by governments for sale exclusively to collectors and/or investors. Globally, coin collecting demand is strong, and some island nations, like Niue, depend on this niche collector’s market for a significant amount of their national income.

Niue Coins

In 1966, Niue began issuing legal tender non-circulating bullion commemorative coins, although they are unlikely to be found in circulation on the island. In 2009, Niue began issuing standardized coin sets multiple denominations from five cents to one dollar based on increased collector demand. Niue coins have a different metallic composition and are thicker than New Zealand coins. Niue is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so the obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, with the standard set of coins bearing images relevant to the country, surrounded by a distinct border. 

For over four decades, the New Zealand Mint has released legal tender commemorative coins, bullion, and medallions, with high-quality designs and precision production that adds a distinctive luster to all Niue coins. The New Zealand Mint boasts a reputation around the world of producing superior merchandise with technologically advanced designs and a focus on detail. Many Niuean coins can be best described as “photorealistic” with colorized images that seem to come to life on the coins. Niuean coins feature a central motif that appears etched and photo engraved, giving them depth of field for a dynamic presentation. Niue commemorative coins continue to demand collector attention with a wide-variety of special issues.