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The Silver Krugerrand coins made their debut in 2017, in commemoration of the Gold Krugerrand’s 50th anniversary. Issued by the South African Mint, the 2017 edition of the Silver Krugerrand was Premium Uncirculated, and it was followed in 2018 with the first ever bullion Silver Krugerrand. Now, Silver Krugerrands are establishing their place among the world’s most coveted annual silver issues. Keep reading to learn more about this relatively new addition to a long-standing numismatic tradition and to pick up one for your collection.

Silver Krugerrand Coin 1oz South AfricaSilver Krugerrand Coin 1oz South Africa
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Premium Uncirculated Silver Krugerrand

The inaugural Silver Krugerrands in 2017 were considered “Premium Uncirculated.” They were so described because of their brilliant, bright finish. While annual issues of Silver Krugerrands are sure to be popular for years to come, inaugural issues often hold a special place in the heart of collectors.

South African Krugerrand Proofs

A proof Krugerrand is a Krugerrand coin that is minted in limited edition quantities for sales as collector coins with the only difference between regular and proofs being the number of serrations, or ridges around the edge of the coin. Proof Kruggerands have 220 ridges while the regular coins have 160. Since 2017, the South African Mint has struck a very limited number of 1oz silver proof Krugerrand coins compared to their bullion counterparts. The stunning finishes offer collectors the opportunity to appreciate the designs of the highly acclaimed gold coin not only in silver, but also with a stunning finish that brings out every element of the coin’s iconic designs. Just 15,000 Proof Silver Krugerrands were struck in the first two years of the Silver Krugerrand Coin Series, but that was expanded slightly to 20,000 pieces in 2019.

Classic Krugerrand Designs

The Silver Krugerrand has the same design as the Gold Krugerrand but does have a face value unlike the Gold. The design is the same as it was when the coin was introduced in 1967

The Silver Krugerrand Coin Obverse Design:

The Silver Krugerrand features the same design as its much older gold counterpart. On the obverse is Otto Schultz’s portrait of Paul Kruger. Kruger served as the third President of the South African Republic. Admired by some and reviled by others, his status as a giant in the nation’s history is beyond dispute. Scultz’s design shows him in left-side profile with his characteristic long, thick beard. His effigy is flanked by two inscriptions, the name of the issuing country in Afrikaans, “SUID-AFRIKA,” and English, “SOUTH AFRICA.”

2021 Silver Krugerrand Obverse2021 Silver Krugerrand Obverse

The Silver Krugerrand Coin Reverse Design

The reverse of the krugerrand silver coin bears Coert Steynberg’s springbok antelope design. The creature bounds gracefully across a field with its head turned to the right of the holder, giving them a clearer view of its face. The animal is so closely associated with the nation that issues the Krugerrand that South African international sports teams are nicknamed “the Springboks.”  The date of the coin is split to either side of the animal, with the first two digits on the left and the last two on the right. Arching over the animal is the name of the coin, “KRUGERRAND.” Inscriptions along the bottom portion of the rim offer the coin’s weight in its native Afrikaans and English, “FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER,” and the coin’s face value, “R1” (1 Rand).

2021 Silver Krugerrand Reverse2021 Silver Krugerrand Reverse

Are Krugerrands Illegal in the US?

No, that is the short answer. During the 1970s and 1980s, many western countries began banning the import of Krugerrand coins from South Africa, and in 1985, in an effort to protest and pressure South Africa because of the Apartheid. This ban, unknown to a lot of investors and collectors, created confusion in the coin market, but in 1994, these sanctions were lifted, ending the ban on Krugerrand coin imports.                  


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