Star Trek

Space, the Final Frontier.  Normally leaving the Earth’s atmosphere to experience that final frontier is beyond the capabilities of normal individuals, but now you can explore the cosmos by boarding the USS Enterprise and sailing through the stars with all the crew members.  From Scotty to Spock, the Borg to Tribbles, and Kirk to Pickard, everyone is here and ready to go on an expedition through the stars and to your collection.  Several Mints around the world have released Star Trek coins that span multiple series and feature various beloved characters. I’m not a doctor, but these Star Trek coins would be the perfect fit for any Trekkie’s collection.

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Royal Canadian Mint 30th Anniversary Star Trek Coins

One of the most iconic Star Trek characters IS the USS Enterprise itself.  The Royal Canadian Mint released a hefty ten-ounce coin shaped just like the legendary ship- a gorgeous display piece for any collection. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, in 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint also showcased the characters from the original series often depicting characters in their full costume regalia, featuring gorgeous colorization. When the show first premiered, no one had any idea how big the show was going to get, or how much memorabilia was going to stem from it.  Now, over 50 years later, these Star Trek anniversary coins are the latest way to increase your collection of Star Trek memorabilia.

Some highlights of the series include Uhura in her red shirt, Spock wielding a phaser and Scotty using a communicator. The series also celebrates some of the most famous episodes. Spock appears on another 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin, staring down his mirrored self, a tribute to the famous “Mirror Mirror” episode., while Kirk makes his colorized appearance on a coin that depicts an iconic scene of himself surrounded by the ever-growing horde of Tribbles from the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

Tuvalu Star Trek Coins

Other Mints have also paid tribute to the long lived Tv show as well.  Tuvalu has released several Star Trek themed coins including detailed High Relief Proof Gold and Silver coins featuring the most famous character in the series, the Enterprise itself. You can even buy a special Numismatic Gauruntee Corporation (NGC) graded version of the coin, featuring a hand signed label by the enigmatic William Shatner himself. Tuvalu has expanded beyond the classic series and offers coins that commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Next Generation series and its beloved captain Picard.  Deep Space 9 and the most recent addition to the franchise, Discovery, are also represented by the Island nation.