It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s the latest addition to your collection!  With the rise in popularity for the superhero genre in everything from television to movies, it’s only natural that many of Earth’s mightiest heroes would inevitably be struck in silver and gold.  Superhero collectable coins add a novel take on the world of numismatics with fun designs, full colorized portraits, and new minting techniques, that make it easy to add a little bravery to your collection. From Marvel to DC, we have it all. Keep reading to learn more about the various superhero collectible coins issued by Mints around the world, and to add your favorite roster of superheroes to your collection today!

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  1. 2017 Fiji 50 Cent Silver-Plated Marvel Heroes Light Up Specimen 3-pc Set

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  2. 2020 Niue $5 2-oz Silver DC Comics Batman™ Cowl-Shaped Ultra High Relief Proof NGC PF70 First Releases

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Officially Licensed Marvel Comic Coins

Marvel as a comic book publisher has been around for decades and has spawned some of the most iconic heroes of all-time including Spiderman, the X-Men, and of course, the Avengers. In 2006, Marvel’s film division released the first Iron Man movie featuring Robert Downey Jr. At the time, Iron Man was a little known hero at least to the less comic book inclined audience, however the film’s gritty realism combined with an undeniable lightheartedness captured minds across the world and launched the biggest film franchise ever, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and at the heart of it, the Avengers. Now you can assemble all the Avengers in your collections with a variety of coin series issued by various world Mints.  From Cap to the Guardians of the galaxy, the entire MCU can be immortalized in your collection in fine silver or gold.

Tuvalu issues a limited mintage silver bullion series struck by the renowned Perth Mint that features one of the Avengers on their own silver coin in an iconic action pose. One oz. .999 fine silver coins featuring the Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, and more, are available. Avengers are not the only ones commemorated on fine silver, shooting his way onto his own superhero collectible coin is the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.  No one is certain what he did to get his own silver coin, but one thing is for sure, no one is brave enough to ask him.  For the right price though, he will keep your coin collection safe from any evil meaning to do it harm. More affordable than a proof coin or one with a special finish, this Tuvalu Bullion series makes it easy to assemble your superhero coin collection.

In addition to Tuvalu, Niue and Fiji also join in the good fight with officially licensed Marvel coins. Niue released an Avengers: Age of Ultron five-coin superhero coin set that featured Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and of course, the main villain, Ultron on their own 1 oz. partially colorized silver coins. Accompanied by appropriately themed packaging, the Certificate of Authenticity for this set includes a piece of one of the actual costumes worn during the making of the film! Fiji also strikes Marvel themed coins that combine the art of striking precious metals with the concept of collectability and presentation. From Cap’s Shield, struck in a stunning dome shape, bringing the iconic weapon into sharp relief for the holder, to a 2 oz. colorized Thanos coin, featuring the Mad Titan himself, Fiji’s offerings are tailor made to be displayed in your collection, be it a coin or comic collection.  Excelsior!

Officially Licensed DC Comics Coins

Marvel silver coins aren’t the only superhero collectible coins waiting to be added to your collection. DC comics is one of the oldest comic book publishers in the United States with roots going back to the thirties. This company is responsible for the creation of heroes such as Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and many more. The surge of blockbuster superhero movies has led to rise of DC themed entertainment as fans suck up as much heroism as they can, be it on TV or on the big screen.

Superman Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

DC comics take the stage with one of the first ever superheroes, the Man of Steel himself, Superman.  Appearing by himself soaring in the sky, cape aflutter, or standing beside the members of the Justice league, Superman appears on several coin series, the majority of which are released by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint even released a silver bullion series in 2016 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the hero’s creation, that featured Superman’s iconic “S” logo that appears on the front of his costume. Several collectible Proof and Specimen Superman themed coins are also available from the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2015, a limited mintage, .9999 fine Specimen Silver coin was released by the same Mint, that featured the hero in his iconic heroes pose, fist outstretched before him as he soars through the air, cape fluttering behind him.

Bat Man Coins

The son of Krypton isn’t alone in his field either.  The dark knight, Batman appears on many of his own superhero coins. Fiji released a 2 oz. partially colorized Silver coin to mark the 30th anniversary of the quintessential Frank Miller comic, the Dark Knight Returns and the Royal Canadian Mint has featured the caped crusader next to his Justice League colleagues. You can even add the Bat Symbol to your collection with the limited mintage, pure silver, “Bat Signal” coin released by the Royal Canadian Mint, that glows in the dark, evoking the image of Commissioner Gordon summoning Batman to the rescue.

Justice League Coins

However, if one hero isn’t enough though, the Royal Canadian Mint also released a Batman V. Superman themed coin series for the film’s release in 2016, that features Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as a two ounce colorized coin featuring all the Justice League, to coincide with Warner Brothers release of a Justice League film in 2016. The entire roster of DC heroes is ready to face down whatever forces threaten numismatics around the world.