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There are many different Mints around the world, all of which strike their own collectible coins for enthusiasts around the globe. Certain world coin series are best known for the purity of the metal they utilize, while other world coins series are known for their designs and technical innovation.  All around the world, foreign coins are as diverse as the people that make them! Keep reading below to learn more about some of the fantastic silver and gold world coins we stock from countries ranging from Australia to Canada.

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Canadian Coins

The foreign coins that are issued by Canada are struck by the renowned Royal Canadian Mint that is well known for its gorgeous designs and constant technical innovation. The annual Gold and Silver Maple Leaf series is the crown jewel of Canadian world coins. These instantly recognizable bullion coins have largely kept the same iconic design over the years, but have been updated with radial lines, micro-engravings, and a milk spot resistant solution as the series has progressed. The Royal Canadian Mint releases a large variety of coin series ranging from Star Trek to Superman to series highlighting Canadian fauna and values. Canadian coins have even set international coin records throughout the course of its history, at one point striking the then largest gold coin ever minted. Their 2020 annual coins releases will continue this tradition of excellence

South African Coins

The world coins that come from South Africa have some of the richest history in the numismatic coin industry.  The iconic Gold Krugerrand originates from this nation and is the first and only modern gold bullion world coin until the Royal Canadian Mint released the first Gold Maple Leaf in 1979.  The South African Mint recently began releasing annual Silver Krugerrands in 2017 to honor the 50th anniversary of the coin series. In addition, the South African Mint releases a few other striking coins series including their Natura and Big 5 series, which highlights native fauna of the country, both currently living and extinct.

British Coins

Some of the oldest international coins in the world come from Britain’s Royal Mint. Once the overseer of Mints in commonwealth countries, such as the Royal Canadian Mint and Royal Australian Mint, nowadays the Royal Mint strikes circulating and collectible coins for the British Nation. The headliner of this world mint is their Silver and Gold Britannia series that features a female personification of Britain, in the same way that Liberty represents America and its values. The Royal Mint releases commemorative coins that honor British cultural icons, such as their Paddington Bear, Queen’s Beasts, and Tower of London series.

Australian Coins

Australia’s Perth Mint is a giant of numismatics, renowned for their meticulous striking of impressively pure coins. The Mint releases several annual bullion series that honor their native fauna such as the Kangaroo, the Koala, Wedge-Tailed Eagle, and Kookaburra. In recent years, two new annual series have been released to the delight of collectors, the Emu and Bird of Paradise series. Many of these annual releases feature an annually changing design, so there are plenty of options for building your world coin collection. Don’t miss out on the Perth Mint’s collectible coins, which include the renowned Lunar Series that follows the Chinese Lunar cycle. The third series, Lunar Series III, is beginning in 2020 with the Year of the Rat.

Chinese Coins

Known for their beautiful finishes on all their international coins, Chinese coins are incredibly pristine, whether you are interested in raw or graded coins. The main annual release collectors around the world highly anticipate is their Silver Panda and Gold Panda series that features a different design on its reverse every year, meaning that the 2020 world coin will be a different panda design than 2019. In 2015, China also began issuing a truly striking Moon panda series that also features changing designs and features, such as space flown gold, or a piece of jade affixed to the coin!

Mexican Coins

Mexican coins are struck by the Casa de Moneda, which is one of the oldest Mints in the world in the Western hemisphere. Mexican world coins have intricate designs that capture the imaginations of collectors the world over. The highlight of Mexican world coins is their Silver and Gold Libertad series that features the famous Winged Victoria of Mexican Independence Victory Column on its reverse. Notably, the coins do not hold a legal tender value, but are redeemable for the value of the amount of silver struck on the reverse, for example 1 onza equals 1 ounce of silver.

Niue Coins

A big name in the numismatic coin world, Niue is a small island with a lot of diversity. They are most known for issuing a large variety of commemorative world coins that feature interesting designs. It should be noted that the country does not strike, but rather issues these coins. Various Mints, such as the New Zealand Mint, actually produce the coins that the country issues and backs as legal tender.  A large variety of officially licensed Disney coins, yes this includes Star Wars and the Avengers, are also released by this nation.

Austrian Coins

The Austrian Mint celebrated is 825 anniversary in 2019, a remarkable feat. The Mint is most known for their annual bullion series, the Silver and Gold Philharmonic, which features some of the instruments in Austria’s Philharmonic orchestra, one of the best in the world.  To commemorate the 825th anniversary, a special series of coins was released which pays homage to Leopold V, the Wiener Neustadt, and Robbin Hood.

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