1742-1799 Spain Gold Escudo VF 5-Pc Set

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Spanish Gold That Fostered American Liberty!

Strange as it may sound today, America's first official legal tender gold coins weren't American at all -- they were Spanish! However, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. As a newly independent country, there was little time to organize the striking of hard currency. So, as a result, daily commerce in the early years of the United States was conducted using gold coins produced by foreign governments. One of the five gold denominations struck by Spain and circulated in America, the 1 Escudo lined the pockets and cash boxes of colonists throughout the young country.

The Blueprint of U.S. Currency, a Vanishing Relic!

The five Escudo denominations became the model for American currency, serving as respective forbearers to the Dollar, $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle, $5 Gold Half Eagle, $10 Gold Eagle and $20 Gold Double Eagle. These coins would remain U.S. legal tender for more than 81 years until 1857. However, in the days before the famous gold rushes of the 1800s, many Escudos in circulation were melted down to produce U.S. coins. That's the main reason why only an estimated 1% of the original mintage is still in existence today!

Very Limited Quantity, a Must-Have for Your Collection!

Fortunately, our buyers have located a small number of Escudos from 1742-1799 -- the years that they were highly prized in colonial and post-independence America. Order now and we'll choose one 18th century Escudo in Very Fine (VF) condition each from the five denominations (1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8), minted during the reign of either King Ferdinand VI (1742-1759), King Carlos III (1759-1788) or King Carlos IV (1788-1799), to send directly to you. Each coin in the set comes sealed in its own acrylic numismatic capsule, presented together in a specially crafted wood presentation case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity along with a Gold Escudos story booklet and checklist. We only have a few of these Gold Escudos sets in our vault. Due to their exceptional condition, we're not expecting them to stay ours for long -- make one of these sets yours today!

Country Spain
Composition Gold
Grade VF
Currency Type Escudo