Silver Koala

One of Australia’s many unique marsupials, the adorable, yet fierce Koala, takes center stage on a fairly recent, annually released Perth Mint coin series. The Australian Silver Koala coin is one of the Perth Mint’s highest anticipated series every year and has quickly risen to prominence alongside the Mints Kookaburra and Kangaroo bullion series. Ever since its first striking in 2007, the Perth Mint has issued this Koala coin series with a new design each year, offering various perspectives on the tree dwelling creature. Whether you collect gold or silver, proof or uncirculated strikes, the Australian Koala series has something to offer any collection, so long as you enjoy quality art, adorable creatures, and incredible coinage. Keep scrolling to peruse our selection of Silver Koala coins and to learn more about this iconic series from down under.

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  1. 2007 Australia 1-oz Silver Koala NGC MS70

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Annually Changing Koala Designs

As previously mentioned, each year the Perth Mint selects a different reverse featuring a Koala in a different pose. This has allowed for a range of designs featuring the less than cuddly marsupial over the series 14 years of issue. The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II currently being used by the Perth Mint. Ever since its introduction, the series has been struck in 1 oz. of .999 fine silver, but has seen the release of special issues including gold high relief proofs in addition to fractional gold proof issues, as well as silver gilded pieces. These special releases vary year to year.  

The 2017 release features a lone Koala clutching the trunk of a eucalyptus tree on a stylized background, while the 2018 Australia silver koala portrayed a loveable duo of a koala carrying its baby.  The 2018 Australia silver koala coin was the first Perth Mint Koala coin to be struck in two full ounces of .9999 fine silver. The 2018 Australia Silver Koala also boasts a high relief variant that shows a single koala moving through the branches of a eucalyptus tree.  Beyond the series’ annually changing designs, each unique issue is available in various release types and grades. The Australian Koala coin series is struck in both silver and gold and is also available in a myriad of different sizes ranging from ¼ ounce all the way up to one whole kilogram!  In addition, there are different grades and finish types. This diversity gives anyone the ability to purchase one of these Perth Mint Koala coin, making it easy to add to, or start, an Australian Koala Coin collection!