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Collectors looking for long, rich histories are sure to appreciate coins from Great Britain. British coins are primarily struck at the sovereign The Royal Mint, although the Pobjoy Mint strikes coins for some of the country’s overseas territories. Historic issues, such as the Gold Britannia and the Gold Sovereign, and more modern series, such as the Queen’s Beasts and the Tower of London, provide for a combination of variety and quality that are virtually unparalleled. Keep reading to learn more about what British coins can offer your collection and to browse our assortment of British coins from The Royal Mint and beyond.

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The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint traces its origins to 1279 when England’s mints were unified in the Tower of London. The Mint remained there until it moved across the street in 1812. It later moved to Llantrisant, Wales in 1968. Today, the mint continues to strike coins and medals for both collectors and for circulation not just for Britain, but for other countries as well. Notable contributions beyond those listed above include the medals for the 2012 London Olympics and the production of limited edition coins from the shipwreck of the SS Gairsoppa.

The Britannia

The Britannia, struck in both silver and gold, is the primary bullion series released by The Royal Mint. While a few design changes have premiered over the years, the basic concept remains the same, the obverse carries a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse carries a depiction of Britannia, an allegorical female representation of the United Kingdom. The gold Britannia started being issued in 1987 with the silver variety following in 1997. While a lesser fineness was used in the early years of both respective issues, since 2013 the Britannia is struck from .9999 pure gold and the Silver Britannia is struck from .999 pure silver. Don’t miss out on this tradition of excellence.

Queen’s Beasts Series

The Royal Mint implemented the Queen’s Beasts series in 2016 with its first release of the Lion of England. Issued in gold, silver, platinum, and cupro-nickel, the ten-coin set celebrates the ten creatures that were present in statue form at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the most popular issues in the series to date was the Unicorn of Scotland, a particularly poignant issue given the country’s recent pushes for independence. Already released issues in this series include the Unicorn of Scotland, the Red Dragon of Wales, the Black Bull of Clarence, the Falcon of the Plantagenets, the Yale of Beaufort, and White Lion of Mortimer. Many collectors find themselves attracted to this series not just for its stunning and changing designs but also because it gives them the opportunity to complete a diverse set within just a few years.

Tower of London Series

Another premier series from The Royal Mint that carries a lot of cultural and historical significance is the recent Tower of London series. The Tower of London series started in 2019 and is a five-coin series that features prominent imagery associated with the cultural icon that is the Tower of London. From the Crown Jewels, to the Guardian Ravens, and the Yeoman Wanders, this series captures the history of the Tower of London and allows you to bring a small piece of that tradition home to your collection.

The Gold Sovereign

The history of The Royal Mint can be experienced with the Gold Sovereign. This coin was originally made in 1489, but quickly fell out of circulation until 1817 when King James I brought it back. This coin has, in many respects, been the backbone of the British Empire by allowing the various territories to trade both amongst themselves as well as with other nations. It is such a big part of British culture that this coin still appears in movies and television all the time. Its design features the reigning monarch of the time on its obverse and the famous imagery of St. George triumphing over the dragon.


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