Silver Eagle Rolls & Boxes

Silver Eagles are America’s official Silver bullion coin and are one of the most beautiful modern coins ever minted. The U.S. Mint has designed the monster box to simplify storage, security, and shipping of bullion coins, in a hard-plastic container. American Silver Eagles are often traded in green monster boxes which contain 500 brand-new, Brilliant Uncirculated, one ounce .999 fine Silver Eagle bullion coins, in individual tubes or rolls that are stamped with the U.S. Mint's seal, totaling 500 ounces.  Buying in quantity translates into much lower premiums over the spot silver value of the coins than if you bought individual coins or smaller quantities. These coin monster boxes contain 25 rolls of 20 coins each of American Silver Eagles that are sealed at the U.S. Mint in green plastic boxes with strapping tape that guarantees it is an original box of coins. Since the coins in monster boxes are officially sealed at the U.S. Mint in original rolls, they have never been searched, sorted, or cherry-picked through for quality.  Uncertified Silver Eagles are also available in single rolls in plastic sealed tubes. These rolls have been taken from a Monster Box that was sealed by the US Mint. Buying individual American Silver Eagle rolls are also a great way to add a significant amount of silver to your stack.

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  1. 2021 $1 1-oz Silver Eagle Type 2 BU 20-Coin Roll

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  2. 2021 $1 1-oz Silver Eagle Type 1 BU 20-Coin Roll

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American Silver Eagle Program

The Silver American Eagle a face value of one dollar, and is legal tender in the United States, although they are traded independently based on their silver content and rarity. The American Silver Eagle is U.S. Government guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver coin, with the silver purity, content, and weight that is certified by the U.S. Mint, and enforced by the U.S. Secret Service. Uncirculated Silver Eagles are produced at three U.S. Mints; West Point, San Francisco, and Philadelphia Mints.  The 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin has become one of the U.S. Mint's all-time bestsellers, with over 500 million coins sold since their release in 1986. Besides the bullion version, there are also specially minted proof and uncirculated versions made for collectors.

Collecting Silver Eagles

People buy American Silver Eagle coins for two reasons: collecting and stacking. Collectors love Silver Eagles because they're simply beautiful, especially Silver Eagle proof coins and Uncirculated Silver Eagles. Many collectors seek to assemble a complete set of American Silver Eagle coins by acquiring a coin from every year of mintage, 1986 to the present. Due to its one-dollar face value, the Silver Eagle is often considered the modern-day version of the silver dollar. In addition, their Government guarantee and their universally recognized value, the American Silver Eagle is generally a solid purchase. Silver eagles are sought after for both their quality and purity, and they have become one of the most collected silver dollar series, so it's no surprise that its supply is generally met with overwhelming demand, year after year.

The Specifications

U.S. Mint Monster Boxes are a compact, secure way to protect and store large bulk supplies of American Silver Eagles safely. Monster boxes are large green hard plastic boxes with a removable lid that is securely sealed at the U.S. Mint. The size of the box dimensions measure 15” long by 8.5” wide by 4.5” tall, and is made of thick, hard, protective green plastic casing to protect the coins from scratches or damaged during shipment and storage.  Inside, 500 coins are evenly distributed in rows of 20 coin rolls in plastic tubes. Twenty-five of these tubes makes up a monster box which containing 500 ounces of pure silver. These tubes are arranged in the monster box casing to make up a total of 500 coins, with the rolls stacked vertically side-by-side next to each other to form a symmetric layout of rows.